There are 2 options for releasing an NFT collection.

  1. Just release on the marketplace (most often Opensea)
  2. Drop collections

If the collection is released without Drop, then a smart contract is not needed. This approach assumes that the creator of the collection pays for the mint of the collection (the creation of NFTs on the blockchain). The user simply enters the marketplace and uploads the collection to the blockchain, paying a commission for this.

Collection release without Drop:


  • Overall much less cost
  • No need to write a smart contract
  • No need to rent a server
  • No need to make a website
  • No need to make a mint button


  • You will have to pay for mint yourself
  • If you pay for mint yourself, then most likely a non-ETH blockchain will be chosen, and this greatly reduces the likelihood of high sales of the collection.
  • There is no way to automatically distribute funds from the sale of the collection to several wallets of the founders of the project

Collection release via Drop:


  • Users pay for mint collections themselves
  • You can make a collection of several thousand NFTs. the amount of costs does not depend on the number of NFTs in the collection
  • You can release a collection on ETH - this greatly increases the size of the market
  • You can come up with your own logic of interaction with the audience (auctions, splitting sales into several stages, etc.)
  • It is possible to describe in a smart contract the automatic distribution of funds to several wallets according to a certain rule


  • There are risks that you will be hacked and everyone will be stolen
  • More costs are needed for a smart contract, website, server, mint button, inventing logic.

Without Drop and without a smart contract, it makes sense to release a collection for those who want to try to do something in this market and are not ready to invest serious money in the project. Drop needs to be done, and a smart contract is needed if you have ambitions to make a cool project and there are investments in the project.