What is Zed Run?

The game, which is built on blockchain technology, is about horse racing and breeding. It was created by Almost Human Studio, a company based in Australia. Initially, the horses were priced at $30. They are currently selling for over $150,000 on the secondary market. The founders claim that the platform's NFTs are breathable.

The developers of the platform claim that it allows users to collect, breed, and sell their horses using smart contracts. The horses are also used in races. Each of them has its own unique code in its metadata, which determines their pedigree and affects their offspring. If you want to turn one of these into a profit-making horse, you can try breeding it and participating in the races or at the auction.

The number of tokens that will be issued during the project will be 38,000. The horses that will be issued are divided into generations. The most rare ones are the ones that have the serial numbers Z1 and Z4. Currently, the sale of the Z7 generation horse, which has the name “Fynney,” is taking place. To purchase the horse, you will need to complete the registration process and use the Metamask.

Pedigree and genotype

The two characteristics that are included in every horse in ZED are the pedigree and the genotype. Both of these are considered to be part of the DNA of purebred animals. They help determine how well a horse will perform on the track. The value of a combination of these two traits will depend on the type of horse that you own and the performance of your offspring.

The four types of bloodlines that are featured in the game are the Nakamoto, Buterin, Buterin, and Szabo. There are 28 possible breeding pairs with only four types of pedigrees. The genotype determines how far your offspring are from their ancestors, and the closer they are to them, the higher the ZED number.

The number of thoroughbreds that will be ranked from Z1 to Z10 during the project's launch will be 38,000. The most rare breeds that will be available on the platform are the Z10 horses. These are the ones that will only be available for a limited time.

What makes Zed Run unique?

Unlike other NFTs, which only allow users to earn money by selling or buying their horses, in Zed Run, you can actually use them to make money. In addition, you can participate in the races and see your horses compete against other people's horses in order to become a star. This is the main reason why the project is so interesting and fun to play.

In addition to being able to own horses, you can also breed them through the project. The goal of this process is to pass on the champion genes and the lineages of your ancestors to the next generation of thoroughbreds. Unfortunately, this process is carried out through algorithms, and humans have no control over the results.

According to Jeff Wellman, the co-founder of the project, the goal of the project is to create a parallel world where everything revolves around horses. In order to introduce players to the sport of horse racing, the developers have followed certain rules. However, they also break these rules by not allowing jockeys to join the races.

How ZED Horse Racing works

The races that are featured in the project are held every day, and they can be watched on the company's various social media accounts and Twitch channel. Members of the community can also participate in the races and exchange ideas with other players through the project's Discord server.

The number of horses that can participate in each race is limited to around a dozen. The composition of the races is also determined by the previous performance of the participating horses. In order to ensure that the results are fairly distributed, the developers use a 10,000 random selection algorithm to pick the race criteria.

The races are live, and users can watch them on YouTube and Twitch. The platform also allows users to enter their horses for various races. These can be free entry events or cheap races that are under $500. With a budget of whatever you want, you can easily ride your horses and earn money through the sport.

Should you invest in Zed Run?

The high returns that investors can get from investing in these horses are due to their unique attributes. Although you should not blindly buy these horses due to their potential losses, they are still part of the new wave of NFTs. In addition to the project's various features, such as the peer-to-peer racing system, you can also participate in the upcoming gambling feature.