What is Mint?

Mint is the process of selling an NFT collection to the first owners.

How does it pass?

After the project creators realized that they had gained enough interest in their work, they set a time and date for the project. Usually, this process takes several hours.

The process of minting is divided into two phases: the WhiteList and the Public. The former is usually performed in a few hours, while the latter can be divided into different stages such as the Open Loop, which is for those who won the Premint, and the Link to Discord, which is for those who linked their wallets to the platform. The public phase of a project's hype usually passes in a couple of seconds.

Before proceeding, it is important that the project's social networks are updated with the details of the schedule and the time that will be indicated in the message. To confirm the transaction, press the mint button and it will take you to the site where you can deposit the coins. Unfortunately, due to the overload of sites, it can take a long time to get the transactions completed.

There is an option to mint through a contract, here is a quick step by step guide:

  1. Find the mint contract. It is either posted on social media. project networks (Twitter, Discord). If the collection has already been traded on OpenSea, then go to its page and select any NFT. Scroll down and look for the contract address. If you want to mint a public sale, go to the details tab and look for the contract.
  2. We find information about the price for 1 NFT and the maximum amount per wallet.
  3. On the Etherscan website, go to the search bar and enter the contract's address. On the Contract tab, click on the White Contract, and the Connect to Web3 button will take you to the wallet's interface. If you want to mint a public sale, go to the details tab and look for the contract.
  4. After we went to the mint tab, we see 2 windows:

payableAmount - here we enter the price according to the template 0.number of ETH examples: 0.24 0.11 0.8888
numberOfTokens - number of NFTs available for purchase or to be purchased.

5. After entering, press Write and the Metamask window appears.

• If you have inadequate gas in several ethers - mint has not started yet.
• If the gas is adequate, then confirm the transaction and you're done! If the number of NFT and the price are entered incorrectly, then the contract will not allow you to mint the coins. Signatures are required by the projects to protect their assets.

This process is very simple and will allow you to easily mint the coins during the public sale. You just need a couple of practice and experience to get started.