What is Flow in NFT

Flow is a blockchain that enables fast and low-cost transactions in the development of new games and applications. It was created by the creators of CryptoKitties, a game that uses NFTs.

Price FLOW: $2.67
ATH: $43.35 (04/05/2021)
Drop from ATH: 93.8%
Intraday trading: ~$87 million
Market Cap: $2.77 billion

Ecosystem Flow

The Flow platform was created by the developers of Dapper Labs, who wanted to solve the issue of blockchain overload by developing an interactive app. Currently, Flow is only used by the developers of his projects, such as NBA Top Shot.

In order to join the network, users need to stake a certain amount of FLOW tokens. This type of mechanism is unique in blockchains, as it separates the various tasks involved in verifying a transaction into four different types. These tasks are: consensus, execution, collection, and verification. Each of these nodes is responsible for completing the transaction's verification.

According to the developers of Flow, the separation of concerns makes it easier to process transactions than competing blockchains. It eliminates the need for multiple nodes to distribute the computing and storage needs of the network. In addition, the platform provides a unique atomic transaction consistency.

With the ability to updify smart contracts, Flow allows developers to create and deploy them in beta. This allows them to improve and patch their contracts before they are officially made immutable.

Flow Features

Although the NBA Top Shot was a huge hit before it was released, the platform's developers have other prominent partners. Some of these include CNN, the UFC, and Dr. Suess. Besides these, the company also has partners such as Samsung, Ubisoft, and Warner Music Group.

The developers of Flow wanted to create an interactive experience that would allow people to collect various types of digital assets. One of the most popular projects that they created was the NBA Top Shot, which has generated a lot of interest and money. This type of experience is only one of the many that will be built on the platform in the future.

How to use Flow?

Through the platform, users can interact with Flow and purchase art from the VIV3 NFT marketplace. Developers can also start creating applications using the built-in tools on the platform. These tools can be used to create interactive experiences and interact with the blockchain.

FLOW Token

The platform's main component is powered by the FLOW token. It allows users and developers to interact with the blockchain. It also acts as a payment for actions on the network, and it accepts security requirements.

How to buy FLOW?

In October 2020, the Flow token was initially offered to the public through an exchange such as CoinList. However, it was not available in Canada and the US. The FLOW tokens that were sold during the exchange's offer were locked up for a year, which means they will not be released until they are unlocked.

Due to the nature of the FLOW token, its rewards can be transferred and traded on different platforms. Some of these include exchanges such as Huobi and Kraken. However, major exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance do not support the FLOW token.


The popularity of NFT collecting during the late 2020s and early 2021s has been one of the main factors that has contributed to the growth of Flow. Not only did the NBA Top Shot become one of the most popular dapp platforms, but it also attracted a lot of developers. Due to the success of the NBA Top Shot, the developers of Flow have started to use the infrastructure created by the company.