Bloktopia-Blockchain Game 2022

The concept of metaverses is a trend that started in 2022 and is currently focused on the creation of a world within a meta-skyscraper. For instance, with the help of the Polygon blockchain, users can create a separate ecosystem for spending and earning money.

The concept of blocktopia is unique, as it allows users to create their own world with a variety of features. One of these is the world's format, which features 21 levels. The developers of the platform claim that the number of floors refers to the total amount of Bitcoin in a million. Each of the users who own a block token will become a member of the community.

The building is divided into various blocks, each with its own unique features. In addition, the users can manage their real estate through the use of BLOK tokens. Through the use of 3D glasses and other accessories, users can interact with the environment through virtual reality.

What is Bloktopia Metaverse?

What features does Bloktopia provide

All of the real estate within the building will be live and will be able to be sold and traded after the implementation of the post-IDO. In addition, users will be able to earn money through the advertising and staking formats.

The game is available to everyone, and it allows users to interact with people from all around the world. They can also play with their friends through virtual reality.

The tools that are provided to the artists allow them to create various art objects, scenes, and social games. These can be easily done through the use of simple applications.

Through the education section of blocktopia, users can learn about the various aspects of the cryptocurrency world. The developers of the platform have also created a platform that will allow users to collect all of the necessary information about cryptocurrencies.

What is Bloktopia Metaverse?

BLOK token and its tokenomics

In-game purchases will be made using the BLOK token. The coin can also be used to pay for the services that are offered by the NFT Marketplace. These include exclusive events and pre-sales. The current price and rate of the BLOK token can be tracked through the chart below.

The total supply of the BLOK token is 200 billion coins, and approximately 8.3 billion of these have already entered circulation. With a full issue, the market cap of the currency will increase to approximately $231 million.

The main advantage of the BLOK token is its ability to serve as the main currency in the blocktopia world. It can be used to purchase real estate, participate in the rewards program, and trade on the marketplace. Additionally, it can be used to gain access to the various investment projects that are available through the platform.

There are several platforms that allow users to buy and sell the BLOK token. They include OKEx, QuickSwap, and KuCoin. The purchase process is simple, and it involves depositing currency into a personal account, then transferring it to another account, or performing classic trading. The second coin that is used in the blocktopia ecosystem is known as the BLOKG token, and it can be used to support the entire project.

What is Bloktopia Metaverse?

What lands exist and how to buy them

In the blocktopia world, there are four types of lands. The first one that a player sees when they enter the metaverse is the site outside the building known as the Bloktopia skyscraper.

The first level of the blocktopia world is designed to facilitate navigation. It features a list of current events, a help showcase, and a variety of other features. The first floor also has the retail outlets of various projects, such as Coingecko and Binance.

The top floor of the tower features a variety of rooms and areas that can be used to recharge and relax. If the user is over 18 years old, then he or she can try playing poker or other gambling games. This area can also be accessed through the blocktopia world's multiplayer mode. Aside from games, this area additionally has tools that can help users earn BLOK.

The Audience section of the blocktopia world is designed to allow players to gather and discuss the latest developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry. It can also be accessed through the various activities that are available through the platform. Each time they visit the area, they can receive additional BLOK.

What is Bloktopia Metaverse?

Staking Opportunities on Bloktopia

You can earn money on the blocktopia world by visiting the site's taking-live section. There, you can select the pool of interest that you want to participate in. On February 4, 2022, there were 12 stakes that were passed on the platform. Each of these stakes has a different term and an average annual percentage yield (APY). To invest, go to the section's main menu and click STAKE $BLOK. You can then link your MetaMask wallet to your account and specify the amount that you want to deposit.

How to play and how much you can earn

In addition to real estate, you can also make money through various activities, such as gaming and advertising. Depending on the type of capital exaggeration that you use, the earnings that you can earn can vary. One of the most common ways that people can earn money through real estate is by reselling properties. If the price of the property will increase in the future, then you can rent it out and earn a steady income.

The majority of the income that you can earn through advertising is distributed among the blocktopia world's ADBLOK holders, who are the ones who are required by major corporations for their services. Through the partnership between Anzu and the media agencies of WPP, the platform will be able to attract prominent global advertisers.

What is Bloktopia Metaverse?

Forecast and development prospects of the Bloktopia platform

The advertising opportunities that are available through the blocktopia world are mainly due to the involvement of some of the world's biggest corporations. These organizations will be able to create and place their advertising campaigns inside the various buildings that are located in the blocktopia world.

Aside from being a platform for businessmen, blocktopia also features various other activities that are designed to enhance the lives of its users. One of these is the creation of art projects. Through this platform, people can participate in various events and compete for prizes.

To ensure that the token's value will be high, the developer of blocktopia has attracted several prominent organizations that are known to be involved in the project. These organizations include: Polygon, Avalanche, Kucoin, and DuckDao. The cost of the coin will depend on various factors, but the metaverse will have a greater influence.