Creating a work of art is one thing. And to make it so that it spreads across NFT marketplaces, finds its own community and becomes expensive is a real quest.How to create a successful crypto-virtual project in 2022. It is impossible to deny that more than 50% of people still do not understand how some virtual object can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of rubles. But the whole point is that people like to feel like they own something unique. Therefore, the NFT universe continues to develop, and the unique works of creators continue to rise in price.

We share with you what factors affect the success of the project:

Ever since the inception of NFT tokens, unique projects with their own concept, history and style began to gain momentum. Such works are not like the others - this is their great advantage. In addition to uniqueness, the development of the metaverses directly affects the development of the NFT world. For example, various brands create their residences at the sites of Decentraland, Sandbox and Alien Worlds. So here's one more thing for you - interest in NFT work that has something to do with the metaverse will continue to grow.

Celebrities also do not bypass NFT — in 2022, performers, artists and other creators began to put their work on marketplaces. So, they kill two birds with one stone: get extra money and promote themselves. For example, a member of the Linkin Park group earned about $10k from NFTs. And NFT games are becoming more and more popular. It works like this: for the passage of a video game, people receive gifts - tokens. The concept is called "Play to earn" - players win battles, complete levels, develop game characters and monetize their time. It seems like a dream! Factors for creating a successful NFT project

A factor that many people forget about is the legend of the project. If you want to create a cool NFT token and earn money, build a whole story around it, create an interesting legend. This adds value to the project and makes it more expensive. So did the guys who created the OG Rex NFT collection. The works consist of dinosaurs - according to legend, they remained alive due to the fact that an asteroid flew by.

Exclusivity is the second factor that can make a project more valuable and expensive. Let it be small and rare - but exclusive and more expensive. People will definitely want to buy such tokens. A vivid example of this: NFT Bored Ape exists only 10,000 pieces. It is for this reason that the creators have earned millions from them.

If a token or an entire collection is functional, immediately multiply their value. For example, some make it so that NFTs can be used in video games or metaverses.

The idea and goals - they also affect the success of tokens. For example, with the help of NFT art, you can change generally accepted standards or simply make a charity project. And the case is especially appreciated when for the purchase of a collection people get access to something unique - to a closed channel, where there will be selected author's content.

It is also important how the collection will develop further - people want to give preference to projects that are aimed at further development in the form of creating NFT games, new characters, or even the implementation of their own metaverse.