Versarium is an ecosystem of blockchain products and services aimed at making investment accessible to everyone, regardless of income or wealth.

The venture project Versarium was created in 2021. The main goal of the project is to create a powerful tool for the development of various projects related to cryptocurrencies. According to the idea of the creators, investors invest their capital in startups that interest them, new cryptocurrencies, metaverses, NFT projects, and earn dividends from these investments. Versarium also helps in this by offering its own set of relevant tools and directions. In an era of large-scale development of everything related to the crypto world, this looks quite attractive.


The company is registered in the United States in 2022 in the District of Missouri, and is under the jurisdiction and regulation of the United States. The authorized capital of the fund is estimated at several million US dollars. The company has its office in Tbilisi (Georgia). All investors' assets are insured, which indicates the prospects of the project. The platform has its own Staking and Mining pool with no minimum entry amount. Our partners include the WWF Foundation and other charitable foundations. Together we offer a unique affiliate program for users who want to support wildlife and charity. The company distributes the bulk of the funds for charitable and non-profit organizations such as: WWF, UNICEF and others


7 advantages of Versarium

1) Absolute legality - there are all permits for activities in the field of cryptocurrencies and investment projects.

2) All depositors' funds are insured - they are in a special fund.

3) The most promising areas have been selected - this allows you to get the maximum profit.

4) All investments are diversified to increase profits and reduce risks.

5) Unique affiliate program with which you can earn even without investments.

6) Reliable protection of personal data - double authentication is connected to each account.

7) The company operates in different directions, while not setting priorities. Each vector is unique in its own way and gives investors certain opportunities for development.


Versarium team use close relationships with leading advisors, incubators/accelerators, industry leaders, crypto exchanges and investors, which results in full suport foe startups throughts their development from the idea to the launch of the finished product

Currently working in the following areas:

  • Staking
  • Metaverse
  • Development of your digital assets
  • Liquid Mining
  • DeFi, P2E and DAO
  • Ecosystem development
  • Long-term management of key assets
  • Creation and sale of NFTs
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Crypto lending

The number of directions is unlimited. These are NFTs, startups, new coins, metaverses, etc. And in order to always highlight the most promising ones.