What is Upland?

The game platform known as Upland is powered by the blockchain technology known as the EOS. It allows users to buy and sell digital property. Its extensive system of domains ensures that transactions are protected.

The game objects on the platform are protected by a non-fungible token known as NFT. This means that they can be sold in the virtual economy. In other words, real estate in the game world of Upland can be sold according to the laws of the market.

Game mechanics

In the game world of Upland, the Highland space is a representation of the world's cities and streets. Any immovable object, such as a building or a park, can be traded for UPX, an in-game currency. For instance, if you want to buy a property in the English version of the game, you can exchange 1,000 UPX for one dollar.

The first purchase in the game is made through the gift of UPX, which is provided to the player in the form of 3,000. He can then use this to replenish his account. To make an exchange, go to the game's website and click the "Get UPX" button. After that, the window will open, and you can exchange the money.

In today's game, some territories have been digitized. For instance, San Francisco. With the help of Google Maps, you can navigate around the city and see where everything is. The game's card also has two colors: green and blue. The last color represents the territories that are for sale.

The developers of the game explained that the concept of the game is similar to the concept of the collection system in the classic game of Monopoly. In order to complete a task, the player is required to purchase various sectors, districts, and NFTs of a specific type. For instance, if you want to complete the King of the Streets collection, you have to purchase three different items on the same street. Upon completing the task, the player receives a bonus.

The developers of the game have also introduced a new feature called the Spark Reactor, which allows players to rearrange objects. This feature can be accessed by going to the game's store and clicking the "Add to cart" button.

UPX earnings and withdrawals

In addition, the game allows players to explore the world through an offline mode, which allows them to buy and sell real estate. This feature is useful when a mod is released that allows them to explore the area and find new buildings. In addition, the player can also collect coins and NFTs by searching for hidden treasure.

Initially, the developers of the game wanted to make it so that players could earn real money from the game. In 2020, they started testing a payment network known as Tilia Pay. Through this feature, players can now withdraw funds from their PayPal accounts.

In May 2021, the game added a new opportunity that allows players to list real estate for dollars. This feature, which has a 10% commission, is useful when you want to make a quick sale. In addition, users can also withdraw funds from their PayPal accounts with a 5% commission.

What NFTs in Upload

The main tokens in the game are real estate, which have a total of 500,000 NFTs. In addition, there are also collection cards that are non-fungible. In 2020, a company known as Blockchain Heroes was founded. It was mainly focused on creating unique and funny collectible cards. Its latest product, the Stonk Wars card set, featured various heroes that were inspired by government officials and financial institutions.

In April 2021, the developers of the game announced that they would be releasing a new set of cards that will feature various 3D assets and characters from the blockchain industry. These will also include different postcards featuring the town of Upland.

Upland Roadmap

The Upland game maintains the status of the largest application on the blockchain and continues to develop.

For 2021, the project roadmap states:

  • gaming commercial machines Arcades;
  • working with real estate agencies to help owners sell their properties. Through the platform, they will be able to extend the listings of their properties.
  • the developers of the game are also working with local businesses to create shops that will allow players to trade goods. These shops will be located inside a closed space of the game.
  • joint ownership, division into shares of property and dividends;
  • squads of up to 4 people will allow you to freely use each other's resources;
  • users will be able to recover their password using their personal information. They will also be able to generate their own private keys for the account.
  • mining and agriculture.

Despite the game's relatively small success in Russia, the game's Russian-speaking communities are still thriving online. They are constantly expanding and are capable of creating new communities.