1.Token Art is multi-blockchain, multi-address NFT portfolio viewer for collectors, by collectors, where you can get a unified view of your Ethereum, WAX, and Cardano NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and crypto collectibles in one place and share your favorite items with your friends.

App allows:

  • Search and filter your NFTs by collection, rarity, variant, and more
  • View NFTs associated with any public address (no wallet authentication required)
  • Toggle between displaying all NFTs in a collection and just the ones you own or are missing
  • See collection stats like percent completed
  • View all assets staked on R-Planet, Farmers World, Green Rabbit, Coin Pirates, and more
  • Show prices in over 30 international currencies
Token Art

The Token.Art app may sound simple, but it's actually a big deal that you can see all your NFTs in one place, regardless of blockchain and mixing between blockchains. For serious collectors, this is an ideal app.

2. Lonely Ape Dating Club. NFT lovers already have an app designed specifically for them. This is Lonely Ape Dating Club, a dating app that aims to connect adherents with non-fungible tokens. The service was created by Year 4000 Labs, which is made up of specialists and collectors from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which is a collection built on Ethereum. The collection includes profile pictures of monkeys created with an algorithm.

Users will be able to connect their crypto wallets and filter potential matches based on the worth of cryptocurrencies and NFTs in their wallets. It should be noted that the big requirement to participate in this platform is the presence of monkey cryptocurrencies. It should be noted that users register on the app by linking their crypto wallets and then, the platform allows them to show their worth and their NFT portfolio. You can choose to link with those that help you accumulate more crypto assets.

Lonely Ape Dating Club

On the other hand, users can send crypto tips to each other. This can serve as a method to get other people's attention and thus start a conversation.

It is also possible to share metrics and other NFT-related data, since, as is clear, everything revolves around this digital universe. The platform also has a “match to win” feature that allows users to earn tokens. In turn, the "Coin Digger" feature will allow non-Bayc holders to connect to a higher network for mutual benefit. For now, those who want to join this dating platform must log in to the portal and join the waiting list.

3. 8bit Painter is an application designed to turn photos into NFT style pixel art. You can also create your own pixel art within the app. First, choose a new canvas size. Canvas sizes range from 16x16 to 160x160. Smaller sizes are best for those creating their own pixel art. Larger sizes are great for importing photos and turning them into pixel art.

To create your own unique NFT, taking photos and turning them into pixel art instead of uploading photos online. While there are many great NFT creation apps out there, 8bit Painter is easy to use and the downloaded images are ready to be created.

8bit Painter

4. NFT Creator. With the NFT Creator app, you can now easily create your own amazing NFTs using our high quality stock images or using your own from files or device gallery. You can also use a variety of graphics within the app to create your NFT art. Just choose your art style, add text, add filters, and change background and font style.

Save the NFT in 3000px high resolution. Create GIFs and NFT videos. Create pixel art and pixelate any image from your device gallery. Find the latest NFTs listed on the OpenSea marketplace, view the latest sold NFTs along with their price, name and image. Publish it to any blockchain like Ethereum, or Binance. Then get your token ID and trade it on marketplaces.

NFT Creator

5. SketchAR. With this app you can draw your "project"  onto a sheet or wall. Very useful if you want to try yourself in different styles, but are used to drawing on paper.

Inside there are detailed drawing lessons, various tools for work, but the main function is the ability to draw on paper as if you were tracing the drawing “through glass”. When working with it, we advise you to fix the phone so that both hands are free, otherwise it is simply inconvenient to draw, and the drawing “moves out”.


Moreover, Sketchar has its own NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs, including the apps own Martians 888 NFTs. The app developer will take 5% when you make your first sale and 1% of all resales. But this goes to the Sketchar Creator Foundation to support artists and projects.