For over a decade, TOKYOLUV has been crafting beautiful cinematic shots of cities. He’s a lover of the cyberpunk aesthetic and infuses this timeless look into every photo he creates. His neon photography is truly captivating, taking audiences on a journey through modern Tokyo from a first-person perspective. His photos have been seen by millions worldwide through his online outlets, stunning prints and magazine coverage.


Jiyugaoka is a lesser known area of Tokyo for tourists, but a very popular spot for the locals. Many independent fashion stores and bakery operate in the area. Photo: Tokyo, Japan Circa 2017 Hyperreality effects added in 2022


When I arrived in Shinjuku, I was blasted with neon lights and giant screens. With the bright light and chaotic sound, my senses are overwhelmed. But, once I get used to it, I start to enjoy it, even crave it. I took this photo in Tokyo in 2009. Hyperreality effects added in 2022.

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