The game I’m going to talk about today is Thetan Arena from the developers KardiaChan and WolfFun Games. The game has already been released and is actively developed. Thetan Arena's active user count recently hit the 10 million mark in just over a month since the game's launch. This NFT game belongs to the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. In other words, this is a multiplayer team game with real-time arena battles.

Many of you have probably heard about such popular games of the MOBA genre as Dota 2 and League of Legends, which are played by millions of players around the world. So, Thetan Arena is the first NFT game, gameplay which is most similar to these games. Let's take a closer look at how Thetan Arena gameplay works.

Thetan Arena — blockchain game

To participate in the game, you need to buy a game character. Then, you will need to team up with other players to participate in arena battles. Unlike classic MOBA games (DOTA, League of Legends, etc.), Thetan Arena is a Play-to-Earn NFT game. This means that by winning battles, you not only have fun, but also earn Thetan Coin (THC) in-game cryptocurrency, which is traded on the stock exchange. THC can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, and eventually withdrawn into any fiat currency (for example, dollars or euro). So, like most quality NFT games, Thetan Arena is a great chance to earn money.

Thetan Arena — blockchain game

In addition to the THC currency, which is the main in-game currency, as well as a reward for winning battles, there is a second type of token in the game's metaverse called Thetan Gem (THG). This token can also be useful to the player in a number of cases. In particular, THG is a governance token, that is, it allows holders to vote on important decisions about the further development of the Thetan Arena metaverse. Also, THG holders can participate in staking, receive dividends from the project treasury, upgrade characters, and much more.

Returning directly to the description of the gameplay, let's talk about its basic principles. To begin with, the player needs to buy a character (Hero) for himself, and find partners to team up with them. The standard game team consists of 4 players.

All playable characters are divided into 3 ranks:

Normal (Common Hero). Can play up to 200 battles with a reward (up to 8 games per day). Win bonus ~ 3.3 THC.

Epic (Epic Hero). Can play up to 400 battles with a reward (up to 10 games per day). Win bonus ~ 6.5 THC.

Legendary Hero. Can play up to 800 rewarded games (up to 12 games per day). Win bonus ~ 23.6 THC.

Thetan Arena — blockchain game

The higher the character's rank, the more rewarded battles he can take part in (both in absolute terms and per day). If your character has reached their limit of "paid" battles, then you can continue to play this character, but you will no longer receive in-game tokens as a reward for victories. Also, the higher the character's rank, the more in-game currency THC he receives for winning battles as a bonus.

Naturally, a character of a higher rank is more expensive than a character of a lower rank. The cost of characters is also affected by the exchange rates of THC, THG, and WBNB for which these characters are traded. There are various game modes in Thetan Arena that differ in terms of victory and base reward levels. Among them: Battle Royale, Superstar, Deathmatch, Tower Siege.So, for example, in Deathmatch mode, your main task is to kill the enemy characters as many times as possible, and in Tower Siege mode, you need to capture the enemy's tower while defending your tower. The game also has a Custom Battle mode, in which players can determine the composition of participants and victory conditions.

Thetan Arena — blockchain game

For each victory in the battle, your character receives a certain level of reward in THC tokens, as well as a bonus calculated depending on the rank of your character.

The standard level of reward for winning each of the battles is:

Victory - 6 THC;
Draw - 2 THC;
Defeat - 1 THC.

In addition to farming in-game tokens while participating in battles, in Thetan Arena you can earn by participating in staking and reselling in-game NFTs on the secondary market. Basically, in-game NFTs are characters and their equipment.

So, the main ways to make money in Thetan Arena are:

  • Farming in-game currency;
  • Speculation in NFT items;
  • Participation in staking.

The developers of Thetan Arena pay attention to maintaining an adequate in-game currency exchange rate and developing the game economy. For example, one of the ways Thetan Arena maintains exchange rates is by having to "burn" characters and/or in-game tokens:

If the player has accumulated 3 characters who have played their limit of battles with a reward  then the player can “burn” (exchange) three “worked out” characters in exchange for one new one, with an additional payment of a certain amount of in-game currency;

Also, the developers have provided a preferential program for converting THC currency into THG currency. The amount of THC received from the players will be “burned” by the developers, which also helps to support the exchange rate.

Thetan Arena — blockchain game

Game Benefits

  • Proven earning opportunities. In addition, the entry price for the game is not that high (around $800). In addition, in the game you can earn on staking and trading NFT items.
  • Prospects for further growth of the gaming community through exciting gameplay. MOBA games like DOTA and League of Legends have tens of millions of loyal fans around the world. Thetan Arena has every chance to repeat the success of its older brothers in the genre, given that it gives the average player the opportunity to earn without even playing professional eSports.
  • Quality community of players. The game has a really fun, time-tested gameplay. The Thetan Arena also has nice graphics, although not particularly demanding on hardware. These factors attract to the game not only speculators and investors seeking to earn money, but also truly enthusiastic players. This means that the interest in the game and its in-game items is based not so much on speculation as on their real value to gamers, which is another factor in the stability of the gaming economy.
  • Sophisticated game economy and anti-inflationary mechanisms. Judging by observations, today I can say that Thetan Arena developers are taking care to keep the in-game currency from falling by introducing various anti-inflationary mechanisms. This inspires additional optimism and confidence in the stability of the in-game economy, making Thetan Arena's investment climate more friendly.