The world of crypto games is actively developing, and today it can please both avid gamers and people with increased curiosity who want to experience in practice what the long-awaited web 3.0 is like.

Lost Relics NFT

Lost Relics is an ambitious adventure RPG released in 2019 where you go into dungeons filled with monsters and all sorts of dangers in search of NFT items. In the game you need to go through as many levels as possible and collect all the gifts received. This is an indie game in which almost every item found can be sold on the built-in marketplace.

Game items are usually bought by the same players as you yourself, but this is what makes the exchange interesting. Since the game is being developed by non-professionals, it is not yet saturated with a large number of adventures. The developers promise to add a lot of functionality, which can allow everyone who plays the first version of the game to make good money.

The Top 5+ Free NFT Games 2022

Miniroyal: nations NFT

It's a shooter that focuses on land control in a socio-strategic setting with a deep focus on clans, alliances, and social mechanics. It is the first real-time multiplayer game based on the Solana blockchain. The game will also reward players with in-game fungible tokens. Weapons, characters, land, buildings, tools, and more will exist as NFTs that can be bought and sold in a free and open economy.

The Top 5+ Free NFT Games 2022

Gods Unchained NFT

Gods Unchained is a digital, decentralized, blockchain-based collectible card game that allows users to freely trade and sell their cards with the same level of ownership as if they were real.

Gods Unchained immerses the player in a fantasy world in which powerful deities fight each other with the help of various magical creatures. Since Gods Unchained is a card game, all these creatures, as well as various types of spells, weapons, etc., are game cards. These cards form decks, with which players can fight each other.

The Top 5+ Free NFT Games 2022

Ni No Kuni NFT

Nino Kuni is an RPG in the style of Hayao Miyazaki. All actions of the characters are automated: character abilities, running, hitting, equipping and more. The main task of the player is to upgrade, choose equipment, weapons and collect points. It is also an interesting feature that the character class does not make any sense and does not change his abilities in any way.

The character uses both elements and weapons, something is better against one, something is worse. You need to test and choose the strength according to the situation. In addition to the main plots, there are also such secondary locations as: a forest, a clearing where you can equip your house and farm, as well as dungeons with monsters and trophies.

The Top 5+ Free NFT Games 2022 NFT is an incredible FPS multiplayer shooting game set in a futuristic arena where you can engage in battles against other players.Enter the playing field, look for other players to fight before you become the target of another player. Earn points for each victory and use them to buy additional items that will upgrade your character and increase the percentage of victories in battles.

The game features tactical levels like "Halo", "Destiny" and "Quake". The game offers you the opportunity to buy and upgrade the abilities of even new highly skilled robot characters that can double jump and teleport. Choose your weapon, join an existing room or create your own and go to the battlefield.

The Top 5+ Free NFT Games 2022