The NFT industry appeared back in 2017 and is experiencing a real boom right now. For beginners: NFT is a digital certificate for the ownership of a virtual object. NFT does not prevent the copying of a digital asset, it only secures ownership. According to analysts at JPMorgan, monthly sales of digital tokens hover around $2 billion, and the total market capitalization of the NFT universe was $7 billion.

Most of this money comes from the digital art market. Unique cryptographic tokens created by artists reach tens of millions of dollars in value. In the process, they united into an entire ecosystem populated by existing and new players. Prestigious auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's have already joined the NFT. New platforms such as OpenSea and Nifty have also become popular.

The list of the most expensive tokens is constantly changing, but AWSM NFT has collected data on the 5 most expensive art since the inception of the NFT market. The transaction amounts reach tens of millions of dollars, and the most expensive work has reached $69 million.

The Merge NFT

On the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway, digital artist Pak's project The Merge brought him a total of $91.8 million in crypto-to-fiat transfers. The Merge project is not a single work, but it has the potential to become one. It is a constantly changing product, consisting of many units of the so-called "mass". Over the course of two days, mass units were sold on the Nifty Gateway site, with a minimum price per unit at the opening of trading at $299, and then every six hours the price increased by $25. In 48 hours, crypto investors could buy an infinite number of units of "mass".

The 5 Most Expensive NFTs⁠

Moreover, those who bought, for example, ten units, were given another one as a bonus, and those who bought a thousand units of “mass” at once received another 300 as a gift. This went on for two days, after which the sale was abruptly stopped and the number units of "mass" became limited. In total, about 28 thousand crypto investors took part in the auction. Then began what the author Pak himself called "the game of extinction."

The 5 Most Expensive NFTs⁠

On Monday, the purchased units of "mass" in the wallet of each of the buyers turned into one token. Each has a different size. The owner of the largest token became the owner of Alpha Massa. But the game doesn't end there yet. If these tokens are then resold, then the investor who buys them merges them with those already in his wallet, i.e. increases the "mass" of its token. And this means that, in theory, the title of the owner of "Alpha Massa" can pass to another person. And in the end, all units of the “mass” of the “Merge” project can be combined into one single token, i.e. become a work of art.

Everydays: the First 5000 Days by Beeple NFT

The most expensive NFT token from the animation movement world is Everyday’s: The First 5000 Days by American artist M. Winkelman, which was sold in 2021 for $69.3 million on the MakersPlace platform.Beeple (the creator of the token) began working with tokens in 2007, and in 2021 created and published new artwork daily to reflect views on his personal and professional growth. For 5,000 days, the crypto-artist did not miss a single day for a new creation. The Everyday's: The First 5000 Days collection is the result of 13 years of work by the artist, which is sold as a collage of these works.

The 5 Most Expensive NFTs⁠

Clock NFT by Pak and Julian Assange

And again, the famous Pak enters the TOP 10 most expensive NFT paintings in the world with his work Clock. This is a standalone edition sold for $52.74M on Juicebox, OpenSea The artist of this art learned the details of the arrest of the controversial founder of Wikileaks, which resulted in the release of a new collection called Censored in two parts.

The 5 Most Expensive NFTs⁠

The first part is auctioned off as a single NFT edition called Clock, which is a timer that counts the number of days WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has spent in prison. The second part of the most expensive NFT is an open release mechanism that allows NFT works to be sold on a pay-what-you-want model on OpenSea. Buyers could tokenize messages to mint them themselves and contribute to the Censored collection. 29,766 buyers took part.

CryptoPunk #5822 NFT

Currently, the blue-skinned CryptoPunk #5822 holds the record for the most NFT sales from the collection. In February 2022, it was sold for 8,000 ETH or about $23 million. CryptoPunk #5822 refers to an alien species that is the rarest type of any CryptoPunk - just 9 objects out of a 10,000 collection. This particular alien, Punk, has only one attribute - a blue bandana, which is enough to make an item from the Larva Labs collection unique.

The 5 Most Expensive NFTs⁠

The second one best selling NFT is CryptoPunk #4156 . Like a monkey with a bandanna, the NFT brought in $10.35 million. While, CryptoPunk #5577 and CryptoPunk #7804 sold for $7.82M and $7.56M

Crossroad NFT by Beeple

The digital work of art "Crossroad" by artist Mike Winkelman, known under the pseudonym Beeple, was resold for a record $6.6 million. The non-fungible token (NFT) contains an image of former US President Donald Trump who lost the election. In December 2020, the artist sold "Crossroad" for $582,000 on the digital art platform Nifty Gateway.

The 5 Most Expensive NFTs⁠

According to Beeple's idea, "Crossroad" was supposed to change depending on the results of the US presidential election. After Biden's victory, it depicts Trump lying in a pile of garbage. In the event of a Republican victory in the election, the NFT would have changed to a crowned athletic Trump walking through the flames.