What is SuperRare Marketplace?

SuperRare was founded in 2017 by Charles Crane, Jonathan Perkins, and John Crane. They are the co-founders of a company called Pixura, which develops an encryption technology that powers the company.

What special in SuperRare?

SuperRare is a platform that allows people to connect and collect digital art. It's designed to help people connect with each other and share their passion. The goal of the platform is to make it easy for artists and collectors to interact with each other. It allows users to see the number of pieces they have bought and created, as well as the amount of ETH they have saved and spent.

SuperRare has become one of the most prominent platforms in the crypto industry due to its impressive performance. It's currently ranked in the top ten of NFT-traded weekly value. Other notable dApps that have been known to have strong performance include Gods Unchained and CryptoKitties.

Apart from its authentication and tracking features, SuperRare also allows users to earn royalties from the resale of their NFTs. This is because the company's smart contract system ensures that the original artists get paid royalties even after they leave their property. This ensures that they will receive their full compensation even after they have sold their assets.

The creators of new works of art are paid an 85% commission when their work is sold. After that, they receive a 3% commission from every subsequent sale. Since it was first launched, more than 5,000 pieces of art have been created on SuperRare.

How are SuperRare tokens produced?

Only invited artists are allowed to create art on SuperRare. To join the company, you must first complete a form that requires all of the necessary details. These include the original images that you're able to use in your works of art, as well as the digital version of them.

How to get super rare art? All transactions on SuperRare must be conducted using Ether. Users will need to buy Ether to interact with the platform. To do so, they must first connect using MetaMask.

SuperRare Future

In 2018, SuperRare performed at an event held by Christie's Art + Technology. The company introduced blockchain technology to the traditional art world by holding an event with DADA.art at London's Tate Modern. This was the first time that art has been created in a museum that's available to the public. If SuperRare continues to collaborate with prominent art institutions, the platform's collecting community will continue to grow.