What is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy football game that uses the cards of real players and the results of the game are directly reflected in the goals, assists and red cards scored in united matches.

Sorare is a game where you don’t need to know anything about investing to play, and if you're good at football, you'll earn money from it, since the sport reflects the results of real football matches and the performance of players.

How to make money in Sorare?

Most of the users come to this game to make a profit. Fortunately, you can start without investments using the starting deck. You can also invest, buy cards, in order to collect a good profit even faster.

The two main ways of making money in Sorare are:

  1. Card trading. Collectible NFTs can be very expensive. For example, the card of Cristiano Ronaldo 20-21 years old was sold for almost $300,000. The game has created its own card market, where standard trading principles work, buy low and sell high. Everyone has different strategies, someone immediately buys the rarest NFTs, while others, on the contrary, buy cheap cards of little-known football players, in the hope of prospects.

    To make money on resales, you need to be well versed in prices. To do this, they even launched the SorareData service, through which you can find out the approximate cost of cards.
Sorare Guide: What is It and How to play it

2. Participation in tournaments. This is a more complicated way, but football fans will like it. You need to collect decks of 5 cards and declare their participation in the tournament. The most interesting thing is that in order to get points and move up the tournament ladder, the selected athletes must show high activity in real matches. The more effective they did the actions, the more points you get from your team in the game:

Users who occupy the first three lines in the tournament receive rewards, they can amount to thousands of dollars. In order not to disturb the balance, 4 tournaments for different divisions are held at once, so that professionals and beginners do not collide.

Prizes are distributed every week, even those who have recently registered on the site can pick them up. We have to delve into the analysis, take into account upcoming matches and much more.

Both in the first and in the second case, for successful earnings it is necessary not only to be well versed in the game, but also to understand football. Otherwise, it will not be possible to select worthy athletes, assemble a good team, correctly evaluate your assets, and so on.

The main indicator by which cards are divided on this platform is the level of rarity. It is on it that the value of NFTs is determined, as well as their number.

Each season, new ones are released,  you can see the following designations:

  • Common - white cards that are given upon registration and can be won in tournaments. They are free, they are of no particular value, but teams gather with them to play.
  • Limited - highlighted in yellow, these are the cheapest cards. They are produced in 1000 pieces.
  • Rare - rarer cards are marked in red, they can be bought both on the primary and secondary markets, won in tournaments or received through a referral program. Are issued in quantity of 100 pieces. As a rule, their value is calculated in tens of euros (goalkeeper cards can cost hundreds of euros).
  • Super Rare - Blue color super rare cards that also win tournaments or buy. Produced in 10 pieces for one season. They cost several hundred euros, and the most valuable ones can be estimated at over 1000 euros.
  • Unique - the most expensive, brown unique cards that are bought and sold, as well as played in tournaments. They are produced in a single copy and cost several thousand euros.

You can also enter the game with Common cards, but in order to earn, you will need rarer NFTs. Someone immediately invests and acquires cards, others try to start from scratch and win them in tournaments. It is important to understand that there are a lot of people who want to get something for free and it’s hard to break into the first places.

How to play in Sorare?

After signing up, you need to create your own club. To do this, a second form opens, where you need to come up with a pseudonym for yourself, the name of the club and select an icon. You can then change the information at any time.

To make the welcome card set interesting, you will be asked to select your favorite clubs. You will receive free cards you can use the search form.

This completes the signing up, now you can go to the "My Club" tab and assemble your own team. Click "Create Squad" and select players for each position.

How to take part in the tournament?

To enter the fight for prizes, you need to add your team to the competition. To do this, open the "Play" section, there you will see all the current events. In the side menu you can see your teams, matches and prize pool. In the block with the current tournament, you must click "Join the team"

Next, a page will appear with 5 blocks in which you need to add cards. In turn, you will install the players, depending on their role on the field, then select the captain, all that remains is to click the "Confirm" button and the application for participation is immediately sent.

At the end of the tournament, you can check how high in the table the selected team helped you advance. The first three places are rewarded with the most valuable prizes, but there are also additional gifts. If you choose the composition responsibly and win, you can get valuable NFT tokens.

How to buy cards in the market?

It is not difficult to do this, there is a “Market” section in the main menu, it is divided into two parts, new auctions and offers from other users. You will see a large list of offers with a variety of prices. Under each card there is a "Bet" button, bidding is carried out on them. In addition to the separate sale of new cards that are released every season, you can buy a whole set at once. It includes several cards, and the cost depends on their rarity and other parameters.

It is also possible to purchase NFT without participating in the auction, immediately and at a fixed price. You can pay in Ethereum cryptocurrency or with a bank card

How to sell a card in Sorare?

In the Sorare game, selling cards is the main way to earn money. All cards above Common can be put up for sale. To do this, go to the "My Club" section, and then select the "Cards" tab.

Choose the card you want to sell. A page with data opens and there is a button "Expose a card". By clicking on it, a window opens where you need to enter the amount. You can determine how much a card costs through the market, just look at how many other users are selling them for. The last step is the confirmation of the sale. You can determine how much a card costs through the market, just look at how many other users are selling them for. The last step is the confirmation of the sale

At any time, you can cancel the ads and remove the card from sale. When setting the cost, you need to take into account all the indicators of the card, so as not to sell too cheap or choose too high a price.

How to withdraw money from Sorare?

Here you need to enter the address of the ETH wallet, as well as specify the amount in Ethereum or dollars. The transaction takes about an hour, after receiving the cryptocurrency to the wallet, it can be converted into dollars, euros and other currencies through exchanges.