What is Doodle NFTs?

The team behind the project, which is called "Doodles," consists of Jordan Castro, Evan Kist, and Scott Martin who created 10,000 generative NFTs in 2017. The three of them are known for their work aliases, which include "Poopie," "Tulcan," and "Burnt Toast." Before they created the project, Kist and Castro were already prominent members of the NFT community. Martin, on the other hand, spent about a year developing his own brand.

The collection features original drawings made by Martin, and it was inspired by previous projects such as Bored Apes, Cool Cats, and CryptoPunks. However, instead of following their predecessors' formula, the team decided to randomly mix and match the traits of each character. The ecosystem of the "Doodles" project is populated by various animals and creatures, such as cats, humans, and monkeys. Like other generative avatars, the NFTs in the collection come in varying rarity levels.

The team initially launched the project on October 17, 2021. It was priced at 0.123 ETH per mint. Although other projects in the PFP community had their floor prices below that amount, the founders of the project decided to raise the price of the coins in order to get a starting treasure of 420.

During the launch of the project, the team decided to try something that had never been done before in the PFP community. After reaching over a thousand members, the team decided to close the Discord channel to prevent new users from joining. This resulted in an additional level of exclusivity for the project's community.

The decision to close the channel received mixed reactions from the community. Although it gave a limited number of people access to the project's priority creation section, it was seen as a way to reward the early supporters of the project. As the release of the project's new character started to approach, the team decided to close the channel again.

Doodle Ecosystem

The ecosystem of "Doodles" is considered to be a decentralized autonomous organization. This allows members to participate in various decisions related to the project's various features and products. The team has been able to successfully implement this system so far, as members have been able to vote on various development decisions, such as funding the 3D animated character. Aside from voting on these decisions, owners also have the opportunity to get in on the latest merchandise from the collection.

What is Space Doodles?

The team has been able to successfully implement this system so far, as members have been able to vote on various development decisions, such as funding the 3D animated character. Each space doodle is created using over 200 audiovisual features, and it comes with statistics that reflect its owner's competence in the space.

The latest release of the project allows users to explore the cosmos and see where the space-based character is in the universe. It also gives them the opportunity to claim their own spaceship. Although getting a ship will officially make a space-based character a space-based one, it can still safely return to Earth and become a regular one again.

Doodles live

One of the most interesting features of the project is the involvement of the team in live events. According to Kist, the goal of the project is to become an entertainment company. The team has been working on various steps toward achieving this goal.

In December 2021, the team partnered with another PFP project known as The Heart Project to host a special event during Art Basel Miami. The event, which was called Heart Basel Miami, featured a gallery, live music performances, and exclusive merchandise. According to the cost proposal, the event was planned and carried out in just a couple of hours.

Following the event, Kist noted that several prominent talent agencies had expressed their interest in working with the team. The team also plans on holding more events to connect the public and web3 enthusiasts through various initiatives. According to the founders, they aim to bring the real world and web3 together through events such as installations and live merchandise.

Although the exact details of how the project will be used by a web company are still unknown, we have already heard similar ideas from other organizations such as World of Women and Bored Ape. According to Guy Osiri, the team behind SpaceDoodles is already following in the footsteps of these organizations.


The bank, which has a total of 650 ETH in its treasury, is focused on developing a competitive team and collaborating with other organizations. It also aims to maintain its platform's sustainability. As part of its efforts, the team has been working on establishing a variety of initiatives that will allow it to deliver new experiences to its users.

Future of Doodles NFT Collection

Since the launch of the project, the team has been able to successfully raise over 80.000 ETH through various exchanges. This amount is almost 390.000 million dollars. It's very impressive to see how the project and its founders have been able to achieve such a high success rate.

Despite the success of the project, it's still not yet considered a serious contender for the PFP NFT crown. The team's vibrant characters have caught the attention of many NFT fans.

Despite the positive effects of the project, it's still not yet considered a serious contender for the PFP NFT crown. Due to the volatile nature of the NFT and cryptocurrency markets, it's still not yet possible to predict when the brand will take off. However, hundreds of thousands of people have already joined the ecosystem.


The team's efforts have been greatly rewarded by the project's visual and digital assets. One of the most prominent features of the project is its design, which has attracted a lot of attention from the community. Aside from being able to provide a variety of exclusive benefits, the bank also allows users to have their proposals approved. Despite its relatively small revenue, the team believes that the project can still become a significant contributor to the ecosystem.