Skyweaver is a turn-based card game similar to projects such as Gods Unchained and Heartstone. It has a variety of mechanics and features, and it can be used to sell NFT objects.

The goal of the game is to make players the real owner of their deck, as it uses NFT to guarantee that the cards will not be taken away from them over time. There are also various types of platforms that can be used to play the game, such as free and investment modes.

Skyweaver - Best NFT Card Game

How to start playing?

The Skyweaver project is multi-platform, so it can be played on almost any device. The official website can be used to play the game, and it can be downloaded and run on various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. To start it, you will need to create an account, and you'll need to use a VPN to access it.

The user will need a Sequence wallet to start using the game. If it's not there, you can easily create it by going to the website and signing in with a Facebook or Google account.

Skyweaver has several modes:

  • Rank game. In the game, players compete against each other to improve their ranking. They can also get Silver cards for winning matches. The goal of the game is to make players reach the top of the leaderboard.
  • Conquest. In order to enter the Conquest mode, the user will need to purchase an entrance ticket. They can then exchange it for a Silver Card or a Gold Card. The first match in the series ends with the loss, and if the participant fails in the next match, they will lose their chance to win the prize. Each victory increases the reward, and this mode allows the user to get new Gold, Silver, and Conquest tickets.
  • Private duels are also available to play. These allow players to compete with each other, and they can level up their accounts by gaining experience.
  • Practice. In addition, they can practice against a computer.
  • The education section of Skyweaver explains the mechanics of the game and how they can be used in battles.
Skyweaver - Best NFT Card Game

There are two main types of modes that are available to play: Discovery and Craft. In Discovery, the player chooses a hero and gets a randomly-designed deck. In Craft, the player gets a deck that was previously built.

It's important to choose heroes during the training and practice phases to ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting the most out of them. In the future, learning more about the game's mechanics will allow users to build their own deck.


The game has two types of creatures: creatures and spells. One of the unique features of Skyweaver is that it doesn't allow players to "enchant" a creature with a single card. Instead, they have to use the monster's or spell's abilities to deal damage to the enemy.

Attributes are assigned to each card. Their designations are shown in the image below.

  • The cost of playing a card is shown in the figure below. It is the amount of mana that a player spends on a single card. Creatures also have this, and they can be used to play cards from their hand.
  • Spell. Spells can impose a certain status on the hero. The ability is passive, and it can be implemented through spells or in certain locations on the field.
  • Attack. The hero can additionally deal damage to the enemy using their Attack abilities.
  • Health. The character can also reflect the amount of damage that they can take with their health.
  • Prisms. A prism symbol limits the number of cards that can be used in the deck.
Skyweaver - Best NFT Card Game

Prisms and Heroes

The number of heroes that can be recruited determines how a deck can be established. In the game, the values of the prism are equal. Every character starts with 32 health, one attack point, and one strength point. Values can change as they apply effects and experience.

There are five types of prisms in the game: Wisdom, Intelligence, Heart, Dexterity, and Strength. Five heroes in the game have a pure prism with one stat, while ten have a mixed set. The difference between a "pure" and a "mixed" deck is the size of the set and the restrictions it has. For instance, if a creature has 20 cards, then 30 of them will be included in the set.

The number of heroes that can be recruited determines how a deck can be established. On the one hand, a smaller number allows players to play more profitable games, while on the other hand, it makes it easier for them to create a set of characters based on their characteristics.

Skyweaver - Best NFT Card Game

Each prism imposes certain parameters on the creatures and spells that possess it.

  • Strength means more powerful creatures and destructive spells.
  • Wisdom gives the player the ability to move cards in their hand and deck.
  • Agility allows you to summon creatures and spells with a lower mana cost.
  • The heart allows you to resurrect fallen creatures and interact with them during the battle.
  • Intelligence improves the set of new cards.

The eight elements that can be found in cards include water, fire, air, earth, metal, mind, and light. With the addition of elements, you can construct a deck that features a variety of heroes and collect bonuses when they interact with one another. These bonuses can be used to enhance the gameplay of a deck or bring additional variability to it.

Skyweaver - Best NFT Card Game

Game features

The team at Skyweaver is committed to ensuring that fair play is maintained in the game. One of the most important attributes that a player must consider when it comes to choosing a deck is the interactions between their heroes and the opponent. Gold and silver elements are also collectible, and they have different animations. However, these do not affect their characteristics. This makes them an ideal combination for players who are looking to break an opponent's strength.

The first hero that a player chooses can also determine the possible collection of their deck. They can additionally act as a shock unit on the battlefield, and they aim to reduce the health of their opponent.

All of the Gold and Silver cards that are produced by players are not sold on the open market. Players can earn these types of cards by winning matches in the various modes of the game, such as the Discovery and Craft. Players can also use them on their own or give them to another person for free. Players who win three matches consecutively in Conquest are entitled to these cards.

Skyweaver - Best NFT Card Game

How to withdraw money from the game

A selection of maps are released each week, and these can be generated by players after they have won matches. After the week, these maps are unavailable for crafting, and they can only be acquired by buying them from other players. During the first week of the game, 500 Gold and Silver cards were released. Each of these can be upgraded if it has been generated as a result of winning a match. The number of people who participate in the game and the number of winners in the Conquest mode determine the final rarity of these cards.

Skyweaver - Best NFT Card Game

Profitability and earning opportunities

The economy of the game is based on the USDC cryptocurrency. The main earning system in Skyweaver is the sale of NFTs. All of the Gold and Silver cards that are available for trading are classified as Gold and Silver. The volume that these cards fetch depends on the number of players who participate in the game.

The most expensive and rare cards are the Golden cards, which are unique and have a limited supply. These types of cards can increase in value over time. Gold is the only long-term investment option that players have.

The economy of the game is constantly changing. For instance, during the soft launch of the game, a player who entered the Conquest mode would have paid 1.5 USDC for a card. A Gold card costs 10 USDC, while a Silver card costs 1.5 USDC.

A player who enters the game after winning a single match can reduce their entry fee by a factor of one. They can also increase their account's level by winning three matches consecutively. If a player wins two or three matches consecutively, they can go for a “plus” increase in their account.

Skyweaver - Best NFT Card Game

Forecast and development prospects

Due to the complexity of the game's mechanics, it is considered to be a niche game that requires a careful analysis of the various characteristics of the opponent's deck. Skyweaver has a variety of mechanics that can appeal to people who are new to the world of crypto projects.

The stablecoin operations of Skyweaver have a positive effect on the game's market. Because of this, the interest in the project does not decrease when the price of the currency falls. This allows players to earn money by participating in the game.

During the open beta stage, buying an NFT in Skyweaver is a good idea. The launch of the full version of the game can increase the number of players who are interested in buying. This can cause the price of each card to increase significantly.