Shir Pakman’s memorable aesthetic immediately strikes as holding deep meaning and significance. Combining thoughtful concepts related to a varied set of ideas across the  female gaze, canonical art, and nature and humanity, Pakman brings these together into a holistic whole on the digital surfaces of her works. Bridging the expansive gap between traditional art genres and contemporary digital practises, Pakman’s artworks are idiosyncratic renderings of peaceful and sensitive figures caught between worlds.

©Shir Pakman, NFT,

Inspired by Johannes Vermeer (1665-1666) “My Girl with a Red Hat” is a part of series in which I recreate art that changed the world in my own style. This artwork is a tribute to the master of light and delicate portraits. The woman is looking towards the viewer confident and aware, with mouth slightly open. The shadow hides her eyes under a Red Hat. A modern interpretation to an old classic. The women in this series are big and strong. They are not defined by standards of beauty or ugliness.

©Shir Pakman, NFT,

Hundred Miles an Hour Just Before Bedtime. This piece represents the racing mind of reflection just before you go to sleep. The body is tired and ready to settle down but the mind does not accept its fate. Who am I without my mind? This piece is created digitally with 3d tools combined with hand painted brushstrokes that are later implied back to the 3D world to create a unique unified style.

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