Serwah Attafuah is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based on Dharug land/West Sydney, Australia. She creates surreal cyber dreamscapes and heavenly wastelands, populated by afro-futuristic abstractions of self with strong ancestral and contemporary themes.

Serwah has collaborated and been commissioned by clients including Mercedes Benz, Nike, GQ, Adobe, Paris Hilton and Charli XCX. Recent notable achievements include her participation in Sotheby's 'Natively Digital': A Curated NFT auction and 'Apotheosis': a live motion capture experience with Soft Centre at The Sydney Opera House.

Limited run print collaboration with JODY JUST. Signed, numbered and dated.

©Serwah Attafuah, NFT,

In her piece 'TERRA' 2021, she explores themes of world building and the personal responsibility of taking control of our own destiny through a futuristic vignette. Covered in Afrofuturistic scarification and opulent titanium biotech attachments, Her digital 'reflection of self' stands firmly in a glittering gown holding a still life-esque silver platter of planets, fruit and a lobster.

Paying homage to her Dutch heritage and her past practice as an oil painter, she draws upon inspiration from the Dutch Golden Age and classical art styles. This 3D rendered work was digitally painted over in thoughtful sections.

This work takes a literal approach to symbolism and subverts loose conceptual imagery. Juxtaposing the avatar holding the still life platter with a silver statue of Atlas: the ancient Greek Titan who bore the weight of the world and heavens on his shoulders. Layering the piece and following still life practice by placing an antique 'TERRA' inscribed globe in the background. Referencing popular motifs of planetary bodies and underwater elements from Serwah's past works, she tells the ongoing narrative of her Metaverse.

©Serwah Attafuah, NFT,

Made in collaboration with Jody Just.
First primary collector will receive the physical hat in the artwork.

©Serwah Attafuah, NFT,

1/1 edition NFT on SuperRare for the World of Women x Code Green fundraiser auction. In collaboration with the World Economic Forum and 1Tfund. 70% of proceeds benefit climate solutions supporting Greenwall Africa. Sold for 4 ETH "When you think of me In your multidimensional mind Try and wash the evil from your mind And open it When you taste the truth You will see like others before me To you I am past, a story to tell" - Chuck Schuldiner

©Serwah Attafuah, NFT,

Aether: Galaxy Goddess* is a sister piece to *Creation of My Metaverse (Between this World and the Next)*, which sold during the first Natively Digital sale. It explores themes of world building and personal empowerment as Serwah's digital 'reflection of self' embodies the Greek God Aether who was thought to be the god of the 'upper sky'. She lifts up planetary bodies amongst glittering golden structures.

The purpose behind the piece is to show more of a personal connection to a metaverse/universe and how one can be empowered to take on the world, as it is always in one's reach. This piece was commissioned by collector, Paris Hilton. It reminded her of the connection between women and the universe, that the universe is divine and that the feminine spirit is sacred.

The fact that a woman is portrayed at the center of everything in *Aether: Galaxy Goddess* was incredibly important to Paris. “Serwah is so innovative and creative. She shows the importance of femininity and the role it plays in the universe. Femininity, womanhood, and female empowerment are her main focuses and it’s stunning. There is deeper meaning hidden behind her work and it speaks volumes.”

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