Ronald Kuang (seerlight) has created. Kuang is based in Los- Angeles and is an Illustrator and animator who creates beautifully done ambient and mood-setting works. These works are heavily inspired by anime with his works taking place in Japan, often showcasing encapsulating cityscapes and gorgeous skies. Each work incorporates a color pallet of dark yet vibrant blues and purples. These dark colors juxtaposed with the bright sunsets create an image that feels warm and inviting for the viewer.

Kuang’s works will often incorporate animation, providing more texture and life to the mostly static images. Within most works we see the clouds move across the sky, rain pour down from above, and most often a whole array of objects slightly wiggling around making each work just a bit more lively. One of Kuang’s most fascinating works is the one titled ‘Kirisame’ a collaborative with Jon Kyoto, within the work we see a womans face that opens up to reveal her true robotic self. The work ‘Kirisame’ was sold as an NFT by Kuang on the platform foundation for a staggering 16 ETH or about forty-five thousand in USD

©Seerlight, NFT,

The sleeping quarters of the bathhouse's workers. One girl can't seem to sleep in this morning.

©Seerlight, NFT,

A lazy and sleepy morning for this couple. The boy checks his phone while the girl is still half asleep.

©Seerlight, NFT,

3 heroes hanging out in the town square. One of them seems to have stopped for a potion vending machine.

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