Sandbox is a hyped P2E game that doesn't pay its players. However, you can make money on it - just create an item in the internal free editor and sell it, or come up with a quest for other users and charge them for completing it.

Sandbox is a game like Minecraft, but on the Ethereum blockchain. All resources, lands and items created in the game are NFTs that can be sold in the internal market or on OpenSea. You can play alone or with friends, move between worlds, complete quests and participate in distributions. In principle, everything is the same as in Minecraft, but with more stylish animation and the ability to sell all created items for a crypt, including the entrance to your world.

Sandbox - blockchain game

How much can you earn? You will not be able to consistently earn income with Sandbox. The game does not pay out tokens to participants for completing quests. But in Sandbox you can earn in the following ways:

Sale of crafted items - avatars, decorations, clothes or static figures. You can create them using VoxEdit, a free 3D editor. Everything is elementary there: you choose the color of the squares, the style and put them on top of each other, forming a figure. Finished items can be placed on your land, or sold in the market. True, the second option is only available to approved users. To get permission, you need to apply to the developer fund along with all the information about yourself and examples of crafted items. The minimum price for NFT Sandbox is 1.05 SAND or $1.38;

Sandbox - blockchain game

Craft and sale of lands -  you can create lands in the same editor, but fill them with quests through Game Maker. Here, too, everything is simple - all modes are already built into the editor, you just need to apply them on the map. Further, the finished plot, with or without quests, can be sold on the market. The minimum price for LAND is 1.33 ETH or $2313.

Sandbox - blockchain game

Charging entrance fees to their lands. For entering and completing quests on your lands, you can take payment from participants. How much is up to you to decide. On average, they charge from $1 per entry. By the way, inside your world you can place a real advertisement of your own or someone else's business;

Staking. In the profile, you can stake SAND coins at 21.23% per annum. Don't forget to use the calculator to reinvest in time and get more than the offered amount.

Well, you can make money on the resale of other people's NFTs - I bought it when the rate dipped, kept it for a little and sold it later for a few or a hundred dollars more.

Sandbox - blockchain game

How to start playing Sandbox and what investments are neededTo start playing:

  1. We go to the site and sign up through a wallet or mail
  2. Create an avatar. Go to the Alpha section and click Select your avatar.
  3. Choose clothes, hairstyle, shoes and save - Save changes.

In general, you can play without investments, but since the game season is over, you can only access the game with a pass. It is sold on OpenSea for 0.055 ETH or $95. We buy a pass to our wallet and link it to Sandbox through the top Connect Wallet button.

4. Download Sandbox on Windows or macOS. To do this, we return to Alpha, attach a pass, select the land, OS and click Download.

Sandbox - blockchain game

The future of the SAND token: is it worth buying coins from Sandbox
The cost of a coin directly depends on the popularity of the project and the demand for it. And the first item in the Sandbox is fine. The audience is more than a million users, and partners are Adiddas, ATARI and even Snoop Dog. True, there is no demand as such for tokens, since the capitalization is large, and the coin is used only in the game and the developers do not plan to change this. So it’s not worth buying a token for the long term.

But for speculation, you can. The course is sideways now. The coin falls amid the collapse of bitcoin. At the same time, the roadmap has a lot of plans for this year - developing a mobile version of the game, adding the ability to vote for changes in the gameplay and connecting new lands. After each item completed, the coin will jump. So you can buy and resell when the rate rises.