The clothes come with a near-field communication chip and can be tracked using augmented reality. Lucky owners will receive NFTs and physical products so the hoodies can be worn by both Clone X avatars and their wearers in real life. Last year, Nike officially acquired RTFKT Studios, a Web3 fashion house specializing in digital apparel. Shortly after, the company released the RTFKT x Nike Dunks Genesis CryptoKicks, a pair of physical running shoes with their own NFT counterparts.

RTFKT and Nike present Genesis AR Hoodie This Week

This week, Nike expanded its NFT apparel lineup with the RTFKT x Nike AR Genesis Hoodie, an exclusive digital RTFKT Clone X NFT Avatar Hoodie. In addition to the virtual item, each wearer will also receive a physical sweatshirt equipped with a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip that enables wireless communication between the garment and the corresponding NFT.

RTFKT and Nike present Genesis AR Hoodie This Week

Using a combination of trackers and QR codes, wearers can bring their physical hoodies to life in AR with effects like virtual wings. Going forward, the company will introduce additional utilities in its digital clothing catalog, such as tokens for access to exclusive in-person events.