Robbie Trevino is a conceptual artist and Illustrator based in Seattle, WA. He specializes in surreal and sci-fi illustration and design. Following a childhood love of all things mechanically and biologically designed he studied at a traditional art school and has worked professionally in AAA Games, TV and Film for the past nine years. Some of his clients include: Tool, Magic the Gathering (Wizards of the Coast), Netflix, Valve, Xbox, Mondo, 3D Total, ArtStation and many more.

©Robbie Trevino, NFT,

As the mist cleared, the mysterious monolithic structure in front of the Traveler was revealed. A towering structure made of blossom and bloom, representing a human figure of sorts. Its presence felt foreign, yet familiar. The relaxed and vulnerable structure represented a period of growth, healing, rest and flourishment that all who stood before it will experience. Its human shape acted as a dream-like mirror for all those who gazed upon it. This monolithic structure was the Traveler who stood before it, a representation of things to come.

©Robbie Trevino, NFT,

Its presence was both strange and familiar. The sudden realization caused me to wake. I opened my eyes and that is when it became more and more clear. From the rippling cosmic void in the sky above, it formed into something familiar. A giant out stretched hand reached towards me. Its gesture was strangely comforting, despite its sheer size. This monolithic structure which had formed seemed to carry with it a message. I reached out and once I made physical contact, I felt an instant connection as its message began to transmit. The word which seemed to have the weight of countless beings was now clear: Peace.

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