Several prominent NFT projects such as BAYC, Crypto Punks, Axie Infinity, and Moonbirds NFT have established themselves as leaders in the space. A number of other projects are also being developed. We collected the Top 5 NFT projects that are currently at the final stage of development:


In Dribble, players from different galaxies face off against each other in a football match. The races that are involved in the fight for the Quasar crystal are the Titans, Humanoids, Alien, and Robots. The winner of the match gets to keep the crystal, which gives them infinite energy. For centuries, the races have been at war, and peace has been established on the planet Dribble after the match. The game will have its own economy, and the first users who play it will receive various perks.

  • The game's economy will allow users to manage various offers, such as pre-sales and airdrops. This will allow them to develop their players more efficiently.
  • Access to the DRBL coin, the main gaming token.
  • Opportunity to become a member of the whitelist for planned airdrops
  • Opportunity to get into higher divisions, which will provide higher prices in the open market.

Launch Date: October 2022

The Peace Society

The goal of the NFT project is to help everyone realize the value of world peace. NFT holders will receive monthly airtime, and these will be funded through the sale of secondary coins and the earnings generated by the miners. In addition, project owners will receive free access to the SandBox community. At the initial stage, the white list provides 2000 places for users who will be provided with 2 NFTs.

Launch date: November 2022

Origin Heroes

In Origin Heroes, players will be able to build and evolve their Heroes, and they will also be able to communicate with each other. The game's main feature is the ability to create communities. Through the use of the Elixir of Courage token, players will be able to acquire various materials and land plots.

Launch Date: October 2022

Masta Koda Street Club (MKSC)

NFT The name of the project is derived from the Latin word Masta, which literally means above the master, and the Japanese word Koda, which literally means friend or bear. Through the MKSC, owners will have access to exclusive merchandise, and they will receive a portion of the revenues generated by the game's ecosystem.

Launch Date: October 2022

Club Crypto Bulls NFT

The goal of the Crypto Bulls NFT Club is to utilize the power of the community in order to develop the project. For instance, if a member is a creator, then the club will use their power to create the project. Upon completing the 10,000 attributes of the blockchain, which include the NFT token, holders will receive airdrops, increased staking returns, and Crypto Bulls tokens. The project's development is carried out through a decentralized autonomous organization, which will allow users to benefit from the advantages of staking. Launch Date: October 2022

Due to the increasing number of NFT projects being launched, we can expect more innovative projects to be presented in the future. Although these projects will not be able to reach the level of popularity that they have been experiencing, they have the potential to develop successfully.