Looking at the work of Pierre Schmidt is looking at the artist himself. Working headlong through the impulsivities of his psyche and employing titles based on the philosophies of Friedrich Nietzsche and the melancholy underpinnings of Avro Pärt’s Spiegel em Spiegel, Schmidt manages to delicately thread a line from his very being to wherever you might be. Swimming freely in pieces such as Ressentiment I, Ressentiment III, are ethereal filaments and strands, admittedly plucked from the soft tissue of his subconscious, grasping desperately for meaning in a world only partially realized by the creator himself. Prepped and sliced for dissection, we find his suppressions, ruptured and swollen, spilling forth bits of nostalgia, idiosyncrasies, and an ache to gain a higher consciousness.

©Pierre Schmidt, NFT, https://superrare.com/dromsjel

«Six years ago when I created this work, I lived in a one room apartment here in Berlin and worked long ass hours in a post office warehouse, sorting boxes. Apart from a couch the only other furniture I had was a desk and my computer. No trinkets. No artworks. Sparse. I lived well within my means and got by with working one job to the next. Some may say that they would feel like giving up, but I never did, or ever could. I couldn't wait to come home after working my ass off all day to create this artwork. It's all I thought about to get through the shift. And weirdly there was a shift, as it's one of the artworks that started to get me a lot of attention as an Artist when I shared it online. So naturally, it means quite a lot to me. In Spiegel Im Spiegel (german for mirror in the mirror) there are many facets of self. A reflection of you, in your soul mate, your soul mate in a reflection of you... An eternal mirror. Yet perhaps more than anything its a reflection of what's inside of me, my soul, and that need and want to create whats there».

©Pierre Schmidt, NFT, https://superrare.com/dromsjel

Baroque flower head on 1970's softcore porn. Semi nude woman painted with tree and hedgerow fruits, historical blooms and vintage insect illustrations.

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