What is Phanta Bears NFT Collection?

The Phanta Bears NFT collection was created using an algorithm based on the Ethereum blockchain. It was released on January 4, 2022. After it was released, it quickly sold out, and anyone interested in acquiring one of these bears should head over to OpenSea or other secondary markets. The total amount of money that the collection has been valued at is more than 62 million Yuan, which is equivalent to almost 9 million US dollars.

The collection managed to break the record for the most sales within a week following its release. Most of the sales were made on January 6, which was mainly due to the power of Jay Chou.

Phanta Bears NFT Collection: benefits of owing collection

Benefits of owning Phanta Bears

Like other NFT collections, the Phanta Bears have various features that make them an ideal purchase for those who are looking to own a unique and fun collectible. Aside from being equipped with various physical attributes, the bears also have a unique key that can be used to unlock various privileges.

One of the most important features that the Phanta Bears have is their ability to open the gate to Ezek's Metaverse, which is a digital world that will allow collectors to enjoy a more immersive experience. Each bear also comes with an Ezek Membership Card, which is an exclusive card that allows members of the community to access various benefits.

Phanta Bears NFT Collection: benefits of owing collection

Who is behind the Phanta Bears project?

The Phanta Bears NFT collection is led by the fashion brand known as PhantaCi, which was co-founded by Jay Chou and Ezek. The individuals who created the brand have been identified as Will I, Mark G, and Ed Ow. These individuals have backgrounds in various fields, such as energy conservation and filmmaking.

Why buy Fanta bears?

Aside from being a fashion brand, PhantaCi has also been able to gain a huge following due to its customer experience. This is why the company is able to capitalize on the success of the NFT collection by developing a deeper understanding of its customers.

Strong PHANATCi brand
The Phanta Bears are also well-positioned to capitalize on the success of the NFT collection by having a strong physical presence. The company has been around since 2006, and it has a solid customer base that can be used to boost the sales of the bears.

Growing popularity, growing value
The success of the Phanta Bears project can also boost the company's assets. One of the company's key partners, Ezek, recently purchased a piece of land through its partnership with PhantaCi. This acquisition shows the team's belief in the value of the company's assets.


Despite the success of the project, it is still not clear if the Phanta Bears will be able to maintain its popularity due to Jay Chou's absence from the project. Also, the team behind the project has not proved that the bears' utility can provide its users with valuable and satisfying benefits.