3D Generalist by day and geek & bookworm by night based in Prague, Czech Republic. I’ve been playing around with design since high school and started working with 3D in 2017. Since then I’m focusing on improving my skills and experimenting with everything 3D related.

I work mainly with Blender, C4D and Houdini, but I like to experiment with other softwares including MoI3D, Marvelous Designer or Substance Painter.

©Petr Lahodny, NFT, https://superrare.com/petr

The chair is comfortable and the view is great, what more could you wish for.

©Petr Lahodny, NFT, https://superrare.com/petr

You may feel like everything is a mess right now, but you can always come here and relax for a bit.

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