Patrícia Costa, visual artist based in Maranhão. Graduated in Industrial Design from the Federal University of Maranhão and worked in the Graphic Design market. From an early age, in drawing, Patrícia focused on realism. Over the years, questions arose about the “identity” in relation to the works.

There was a year when personal transformations reflected in her way of seeing and expressing herself. It was a process of searching and accepting that the imperfect can be perfect. This influenced the strokes and brushstrokes, which became less realistic. The reflections developed a new essence, a new way of representing.

The sinuous lines give life to everyday scenes, imagination, observations and experiences, and feelings represented in a sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, but free way. The acceptance that there is beauty outside a pattern. The imperfect perfect. It's the simple things in life. Patrícia believes that art is that, it's allowing herself to explore, search and be free to express what you want.

©Patrícia Costa, NFT,

Looking ways to try to take care of the body and mind. Missing, anxiety, fear and other emotional factors end up reflecting in our body. I want hope, I want faith, I want to believe that everything will be okay. We are not always 100%, but we try to stay well, to also help those in need. Good energy for everyone. Stay safe.

©Patrícia Costa, NFT,

If I have seven lives I don't know, but I know I'm a survivor. Yes, there are obstacles. Yes, I know... no one said it would be easy. So I keep fighting. I can't run away. I face it knowing it can be good or bad. After all, it's up to me and I'll only know if I try. I go on, step by step. You know that fear? I'm learning to put aside, believing and focusing more on myself, in an inner ring. Whether everything takes time or not, I don't care anymore. I know I won't give up. Throw me to the wolves and I'll have my way, but I'll be back. I do everything with so much desire, emotion and love... I surrender! I believe in myself.

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