What is Objkt?

objkt.com is one of the largest NFT marketplaces on the Tezos (XTZ) network. The goal of the platform is to provide tools to make it easier for the community to buy and trade NFTs on Tezos.

objkt.com charges a minimum fee of 0.0011 XTZ from users who post crypto art on the platform. In addition, there is a 2.5% fee for successful transactions. Users can connect to the platform using any Tezos-supported wallet such as Gelleon, Kukai, and Umami.

The multifunctional marketplace allows you to sell, buy tokens, participate in auctions and even create your own collections. Objkt also allows the minting and transfer of tokens from other platforms on Tezos.

On the main page, we can see the following menu items: Top Sales, Top Sellers, Ongoing Auctions, Hot Collections, Hidden Gem, which greatly simplifies the work with the marketplace and makes it possible to sort all the arts into categories.

Getting started with Objkt

In order to get started, you need to create a wallet that will support the Tezos network (for example, Temple Wallet). To create a wallet, click on the “sync” button in the top right corner of the homepage, select a wallet, and click Connect. Your wallet has been created and linked.


On the collections page, you can see the latest and most popular NFTs on Objkt, as well as inclusive digital collections created by artists. If you are a beginner this is a great place to find up-and-coming collections to buy or participate in.

How does the auction work?

There are two types of auctions on Objkt: English and Dutch. What are the advantages and differences of each of them?

The essence of the English auction is to choose the highest bid, and the auction ends with the selected duration.

The Dutch auction (a “price fall” auction) in turn lowers the price of oil for a selected period of time. And as soon as the participant buys NFT, the auction is declared closed. The auction can be canceled regardless of the time.

How to create a Collection

As we said earlier, you can create your own NFT collection on the marketplace. To publish your collection you need to pay 1 XTZ, which will cover the cost of gas and storage.

  1. In the upper right corner, expand the sidebar and select “Create”
  2. Next select "Collection tab"
  3. Upload your art, but don't forget that the file must be no larger than 1 MB
  4. Name your collection in the “Name” field
  5. Select your collection type below and write a brief description of the collection.

Now click "Create", you're done!

How to Mint your NFTs

  1. Create a new token. Click on the field and fill in all the required information. An important point when you define a token for a particular collection is that the action cannot be undone.
  2. Select your co-creators (optional).
  3. Selecting a license. Everything is simple here - either without a license or with it. If you have a license, other NFT buyers are prohibited from making a copy of your art and selling it.
  4. Specify the number of  copies that can be minted
  5. Click "Mint" and confirm the transaction

How to Sell NFTs on Objkt

  1. It's very simple, choose the NFT you want to sell, connect your wallet (don't forget about the price for gas and storage, so save some notes on your account).
  2. Select the NFT to list and click on it. Go to the details page.
  3. Click on Action Tab. Fill in all the required information: quantity, cost.
  4. In the “value” field, indicate at what price you are ready to sell the NFT.

Click ‘’List’’. Ready!