According to the CruptoSlam service, Art Blocks tokens took first place in terms of sales growth rates among the 10 most demanded NFT series.

Their turnover increased by more than 11 times. On the second line according to this indicator are the coins of CruptoPunks, on the third - Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

However, against the backdrop of falling rates, most of the leading cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, top NFTs fell in price. The minimum price of BAYC decreased by 20.5%, CryptoPunks - by 15.4%, Mutant Ape Yacht Club - by 23.6%. Tokens #8620 and #5690 from the CruptoPunks series turned out to be the most expensive, paying $342,402 and $305,017 respectively. Unexpectedly, SuberKong VX #8754 broke into the top three, which was purchased for $ 217,781.