The anti-metaverse will call to nature
Outsider Interactive launches The Outerverse. The NFT marketplace and nature-focused content publishing platform aims to bring more people outdoors and promote environmental sustainability. NFTs will run on the Solana blockchain, known for its green approach. The Outside NFT platform will launch its first NFT collection in June. The Outerverse will track when people are outdoors and reward them accordingly. This "move to earn" technology could also help the fitness industry as it seeks to enter the NFT market and the wider Web 3.0 network.


Dubai Police announced their own NFT collection
The issuance of 150 NFTs is in line with Dubai's intention to strengthen its position as a key player in emerging digital markets. The collection is known to have an emphasis on innovation, security and connectivity, although specific details on exactly what form these will take have not been released. This move should attract people who are interested in digital art, the work is planned to be distributed free of charge. To get NFT, you need to share the Dubai Police announcement of the collection on Twitter, and then send a message to the police through your social media channels, indicating your name and email address and NFT wallet.

Dubai Police NFT

UK and NFTs
The Royal Mint has been tasked with creating a collection by the summer. The British government also plans to take a number of measures to ensure the country's leadership in the field of cryptocurrency. So, it is planned to introduce into the payment system some types of cryptocurrencies, the quotes of which are tied to the usual currency. The country also intends to introduce a special tax regime for those who use decentralized financial systems and receive income from staking, as well as explore the possibility of using blockchain to work with debt instruments.

NFT on the International Space Station
Axiom Space commercial space station builders will produce NFTs in space. In the coming days, the Ax-1 mission crew will start creating unique NFTs to “stimulate interest in the study of life beyond Earth orbit.” Axiom Space plans to release several NFT tokens during the mission, which can be purchased by anyone: from a crypto enthusiast to a fan of everything space. NFTs will be minted from space. The works will carry the personal experience of each astronaut and various inspiring messages.

NFT on the International Space Station

What the World's Most Expensive NFT
CyberYachts, known for its elite virtual yachts, is about to break its own record and put up a vessel for sale for $400 million. Despite such a solid cost, it will be possible to own a yacht only in the metaverse. The yacht features a revolutionary design and features a casino, gym, sauna, helipad and 12 equipped cabins that can accommodate 24 guests. It will be possible to look at the yacht during VIP events or online games in the metaverse created by Cyber Yachts.

Cyber Yacht.

Satoshi Island Received Over 50,000 NFT Citizenship Applications
Cryptocurrency project Satoshi Island has received more than 50 thousand applications for citizenship in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from users. Satoshi Island is located in the South Pacific (Vanuatu), and fiat money will be completely prohibited on its territory. It will be a cryptocurrency island, where ownership, including citizenship, is secured in the NFT. In the future, the management of the island may be transferred to the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Satoshi Island

"Metaverse" Amazon
Amazon launched the 3D web game AWS Cloud Quest - essentially an educational course on using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service, in embodiment - a virtual game world quite in the spirit of the metaverses. In Cloud Quest, players navigate a virtual city helping people solve real-world technical problems using the cloud. The game has already been credited as Amazon's first attempt at creating its own metaverse.

Amazon's interest in Web3 has long been known, we are waiting for news about the possible development of the platform into something more.

"Metaverse" Amazon

The LEGO Group and Epic Games have announced that they will  be building  metaverses together. Only metaverses will be for children, family ones, cozy. Already raised $2 billion in a round led by Sony Group and KIRKBI.

“Children love to play in the digital and physical worlds and move easily between them. We believe they have great potential to develop lifelong skills such as creativity, collaboration and online communication. But we have a responsibility to ensure that they are safe, inspiring and beneficial for everyone." said Niels B Christiansen, aka CEO of LEGO.”

LEGO Group and Epic Games