Learn-to-Earn Model and NFT Game Profitability
The idea is that users of the English learning app receive tokens as a reward for completed tasks, which can be exchanged for real money

That's the whole Learn-to-Earn model. Here you literally receive a monetary reward for every completed task. But in order to participate in this event, you must first pay - buy an NFT character for the game. Well, of course, the more expensive and rare character you buy, the more you earn.

Let Me Speak - learn English and make money

The threshold for entering the application is small by the standards of NFT projects - the cheapest character (of the paid ones) now costs about $70.

Let Me Speak - learn English and make money

For comparison, the most expensive now cost around $3,000.

Let Me Speak - learn English and make money

The application can also be used by creating a free character, but, of course, you don’t have to claim any income. Interestingly, over time, all NFT games have developed an expected payback period of approximately two months. That is, the average price of an NFT is the amount that it can bring in two months, if calculated at the rate at the time of purchase. From an economic point of view, this figure shows us the level of public confidence in such projects

Mechanics Let Me Speak

Let Me Speak is first and foremost an app for learning English, and secondly, an NFT project. However, the app is really good. Probably even the best of applications that do not involve classes with real people - teachers, native speakers, and so on. At the time of this writing, the application is only in the App Store, but the developers promise to release it on Android just about now.

Let Me Speak - learn English and make money

As with all such projects, the characters have a number of characteristics. In the marketplace of characters, they can be filtered by the following indicators:

Rarity (Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary) - Primary stat. The rarer the character, the more tokens he earns and, accordingly, the more expensive he is.

Talent (from 20 to 59, depending on rarity) is an unchangeable indicator of the "quality" of a character within its rarity.

Level - leveling up pumps skills that (actually slightly) affect the profitability of certain tasks. Invites done (from 0 to 6) - the ability to, so to speak, interbreed with other characters to create a new character.

Learning Speed - the higher this indicator, the faster the character gains levels.

Let Me Speak - learn English and make money

On the character page, you can see a few more characteristics:

Daily earning - income level. In fact, the main financial indicator. How many tokens a given character can bring per day.

Visa days left - how many days the character can still be used. Based on the description of the project, when the visa ends, it can be extended for tokens. How much it will cost is still unknown.

Skills (vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, grammar) are the very abilities that slightly affect the level of profitability from different tasks.

After creation or purchase, we set the character as active at the moment. In total, you can play 4 characters at the same time.

Let Me Speak - learn English and make money

Your character is given 100 energy per day. And every day you can perform tasks:

Grammar. Here is given to study any rule of the English language. You need to complete 15 tasks on the correct arrangement of words in a sentence according to this rule.

The words. Here you take four words for study and study them in every way: by ear; by picture; you need to spell out how the word is spelled; word pronunciation.

Listening. It's what's in the History section. There you need to build a dialogue, pronouncing certain phrases, as well as perceive speech by ear.

For the completion of each task, 10 energy is removed and a certain number of tokens are credited, depending on the correctness of the task, the rarity and skills of the character.

In general, that's all the simple mechanics of Let Me Speak, which is at the moment. In the future, the developers promise to add characters for rent, some PvP mechanics, new languages, and so on.

Let Me Speak as a way to earn money

  1. Time. It takes about 40 minutes to work out 100 energy in the application. A maximum of four characters can be used at the same time. Instead, it's more than 2.5 hours. The tasks in the application are not the most diverse, and, frankly, not super exciting - after all, these are applications for study, and not for entertainment.
  2. LSTAR Token. For completing the task, not real money is awarded, but the LSTAR token, which can be exchanged for money. Price is a balance between supply and demand. Therefore, in order to be able to sell the LSTAR token, it is necessary that someone buy it.

    Currently, LSTAR tokens are only spent on creating new characters as a result of crossbreeding, and theoretically will be spent on renewing the characters' visas. Simply put, in the current model, the LSTAR token is simply not needed by anyone. And with an increase in supply and low demand, the price of the token will inevitably fall.
  3. Possible manipulations by the project. The amount of reward for completing the task is entirely in the hands of the developers. Today you "earn" $50 per day for completing tasks, and tomorrow the project management will press the button and you will "earn" $5 per day, all other things being equal. The site currently does not have any project tokenomics or an exact roadmap, so it is impossible to predict what will turn out in this project and how.
Let Me Speak - learn English and make money

I would recommend that you perceive the project exactly as it is indicated on the website of the project itself - as an additional bonus and motivation for using the application for learning English.

Or just perceive Let Me Speak as a gift for a child to study a foreign language and at the same time raise some extra penny. Because on the one hand, $4-5 a day is a trifle.