Steam announced a free distribution of NFT for its users. How to get free NFT on the Steam platform? If you have played or currently play games on Steam and have a certain number of hours of play, then you are guaranteed to qualify for the NFT. But the rank and quality of NFT will directly depend on the number of game hours. The sponsor of such generosity is one of the popular game projects - P12, the developers of this project is planning to create an entire GameFI Metaverse, and already now Steam players can get their first NFTs using this platform.

What is P12?

P12 Network is a gaming platform built on the Web3.0 system, a kind of ecosystem for game developers. P12 includes a content creation engine and a network SDK. In simple words, the company creates a blockchain for games and provides ready-made tools for implementing WEB3.0. Now, when receiving Genesis NFTs, they can be exchanged for $P12 tokens. The number of tokens depends on the rarity of the received NFT. And the rarity of the received NFT affects the profile on Steam. NFTs will be ranked by rarity, from Uncommon to Legendary, and will be directly related to the number of hours played.

How to get NFT using Steam:

  1. Attend P12 official website and click on the left button to confirm that you are a Steam player.
NFT Drop: Free NFTs for Steam players
  1. Link your Metamask crypto wallet.
  • Download and install Google Chrome Extension
  • Accept the agreements and click on on “Get started”, within the window that appears, select "Create a wallet".
  • Also comply with all the terms and create a strong password.
  • When the account is made, refresh the page and connect the created wallet again.
  • After the wallet is successfully linked, log in to your Steam account.

3. The profile have to be public, otherwise a mistake pops up to vary your privacy settings, under the extent icon in the upper right corner, select "Edit profile".

Within the window that opens, attend “Privacy” and make your account and access to game information public.

5. Next, after linking Steam, under the inscription "My Airdrop NFT", click "Claim".

NFT Drop: Free NFTs for Steam players

5. Within the window that appears, enter “Email address”. After entering all the information. Click "Sign". It'll then automatically redirect you to the Project Galaxy website.

6. Link your wallet again, click "Claim" and obtain your first P12 badge. It may not work on the first try, because the site is periodically reloaded. Try clicking some times. Because really often it cannot work out.

How to attach BSC Mainnet to MetaMask?

  1. Open an account and click on on the profile at the very top, click on "Add Network

2. Fill within the data and save.

NFT Drop: Free NFTs for Steam players

Example to fill: