The NFT community started to acknowledge Solana's potential as a global designer. The Efir boyars also started looking into her. In October 2021, DeGods released their first collection.

Due to its popularity, it has become one of the most expensive blockchain collections. In terms of floor, it is second only to Moonbird. This article explains the project itself and how it has gained such popularity.

NFT DEGODS Collection: an all-time sucess for SOLANA

What is DeGods?

DeGods is a global community of individuals and businesses that are dedicated to creating digital art. It was created on the Solana blockchain by Frank, who is believed to be 17 years old.

Frank is regarded as the top influencer within the NFT community on Solana. Over 125,000 people have already signed up for his Twitter account.

Of the notable holders of his DeGods collection:

  • Solana Blockchain Co-Founder - Anatoly Yakovenko;
  • Solana Blockchain Co-Founder – Raj Gokal;
  • Famous rapper - Ice Cube.

DeGods Mafia:

Due to the popularity of DeGods, various successful projects have started to appear on Solana. These projects can now be called bluechip collections.

  • Blocksmith Labs - it is worth noting, a high-quality platform utility that simplifies the work with whitelists;
  • Vandal City;
  • Trippin' Ape Tribe;
NFT DEGODS Collection: an all-time sucess for SOLANA

DeGods NFTs

On October 9, 2021, DeGods' first NFT collection was released. It had 10,000 supply and the price of a mint at that time was around $460. The creators of the collection drew inspiration from Bored, with their ancient Gods being rendered in the style of this famous art form. Aside from the art, the collection also features various cosmetic items, such as suits and pipes.

The creators of the collection decided not to become a passing project, instead, they created the Paper Hand Bitch Tax (PHBT). This reduced the tax rate to around 33%. The creators of the collection also believed that it was possible to maintain a decent level of floor if the NFT was listed below the buy price or below the mint.

DeGods and DeadGods:

There are two types of DeGods: the Classic DeGods and the DeadGods. The former is made from StarDust, an item that can be purchased for $1,000DUST.

NFT DEGODS Collection: an all-time sucess for SOLANA

When you mint DeadGods, your DeGods are burned.

DUST Token

The goal of DeGods was to scare the market with paper pens. In addition, the creators of the project also wanted to reward its users. The Solana Program Library token $DUST is a reward for those who collect. It can only be used to earn $DUST by burning NFTs or staking. The former increases the value of DeGod, while the latter goes down.

NFT DEGODS Collection: an all-time sucess for SOLANA

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of using DeadGods over DeGods. The main reason why is that they are more useful than the classic NFTs.

DeGods Roadmap

The DeGods RoadMap is a representation of the project's future plans. It shows the various features that will be implemented in the collection.

What they have already implemented or are regularly doing:

NFT DEGODS Collection: an all-time sucess for SOLANA
  • DeDao purchased Ice Cube, a professional basketball player. The rapper's purchase cost was around $625,000. The DUST Store is located in the center of the road map. This is where people can purchase items through the DeGods marketplace.
  • The ecosystem and global project of DeGods is currently only available in $DUST. Half of the project's ticket collection is over 140 SOL.

The emergence of DeGods has greatly contributed to the popularity of Solana's collections. It has also led to the emergence of other bluechip projects. If you are a fan of NFTs, you should follow the project's updates and follow its various activities.