MetaLife is a decentralized autonomous and inclusive Web3.0 social platform that includes toolkits for interactive communication and building communities with their economies. Along with this, Metalife ensures the privacy and security of user data, as well as fair self-government.

Metalife is still only at the beginning of the journey, and in fact, the full functionality of this Web3.0 platform is not even clear to the end (only the beta version of the platform is expected to be released in the near future). However, it is absolutely clear that the developers of the project have grandiose plans. After all, they claim that Metalife will be able to work both with and without an Internet connection!

Work without an Internet connection should be possible thanks to the Bluetooth Low-Energy Wormhole Protocol. This is a protocol that enables cross-platform communication between smartphones, allowing their owners to communicate with each other and even make offline payments.

New Web3.0 metaverse MetaLife

In MetaLife, users will be directly connected to each other, there will be no central servers. In other words, the network will be peer-to-peer. The transfer of data from user to user will be carried out using cryptographic methods to ensure the security and confidentiality of data.

Content created by users will belong to them, and everyone will be able to decide on the monetization of this content. For example, content creators will be able to: charge users for accessing content they create; receive tips from readers or subscribers; tokenize your content in NFTs for sale.

New Web3.0 metaverse MetaLife

Settlements between users will be made possible through the use of the native MLT token, which operates on the basis of the Spectrum blockchain. The maximum emission of the token is very impressive - 100 billion. We will consider the tokenomics of the project separately. The developers say that users will have the opportunity to earn MLT tokens after the launch of Metalife.

But those who join the Metalife Discord community can start earning their first tokens right now by participating in monthly activities. In addition, the project team plans to distribute OG STAR roles to the most active and engaged Discord users. OG STARs will be privileged to be early beta testers of the Metalife app and will be able to earn MLT tokens for providing feedback!