What is Mobox?

Making money on Mobox is a great way to earn money without having to have a lot of knowledge or investments. This game uses NFT tokens and features unique characters with varying characteristics. The developers have already started adding more games for traders and are expected to launch more in the near future. It is very realistic to start here without having any knowledge, but this will require some time and patience.

Mobox's main feature is that players can use their key to unlock boxes, which are usually filled with random characters. Each key opens a box, and only one hero gets out of it. These are non-replaceable tokens, and they are sold in the store. Although the concept of NFT games is relatively new, many people doubt these kinds of projects can be successful. However, there have been several examples of these sites becoming real giants.

How to play Mobox?

After you have authorized the game, go to the Mobox Farmer section and look for the various sections. We will be talking about each section in detail and explain what needs to be fixed in order to make the game better.


The balance in the game is replenished with coins, and it will be divided into two equal pieces. The first one will be used to pay for the heroes, while the second one will be used to fund the mine. Before you can start making money in Mobox, it is important that you first check the store to see how much of your account is needed to pay for the heroes.

Before you can start making money in Mobox, it is important that you first check the store to see how much of your account is needed to pay for the heroes. You can transfer money to the pool using either coins or tokens. Each block has a pair of buttons that allow you to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. The most popular currencies for this purpose are BNB, USDT, and BUSD.

NFT Farmer Event

The next section is called Mystery Box, where you can use the farm keys to open character chests. It is very difficult to identify the person who you come across, as the lucky ones usually catch the most expensive heroes. You can easily buy the key by clicking the button next to the box image. The cheapest option is $49.

My Momo

The level shown below is the one that Momo's picture shows. You can increase the level of these characters by raising their level, but you will need to pay a lot of money to get them. These types of heroes are very expensive, and it is up to you whether or not you want to risk your money.

All of your characters are collected in this section, and they will automatically extract MBOX for you. The cost of their base loot varies depending on their type, and they are divided into five categories: common, uncommon, unique, epic, and rare. The more expensive the monsters you have, the more profit you can make from them.

Mining Camp

All of your purchased characters are located in this mine, and they will mine MBOX for you. The goal of the game is to collect as many miners as possible in order to make a profit from them. Having many characters or one that is expensive will not matter, as long as you have enough miners.

It is not necessary to send heroes to work immediately after they have been purchased, as long as they are farmed. If you want to earn money quickly, sell them. In this section, you will see the total power and hash, as well as the button that you have pressed to claim it.


The in-game store is where you can buy chests and Momo. There are also various features that allow you to filter the products that you can purchase. New offers are often displayed, and you can easily pay for the hero by clicking the button next to his image.

Even if you buy the cheapest item, the chances of development are high. Some of the characters are bought up immediately, while others are only bought for resale. Succeeding in this business requires knowledge of the market, as transactions are carried out in BUSD, which can be bought through various cryptocurrency exchanges. In the side menu, you will see a leaderboard that shows the highest hash users, as well as the upgraded heroes that are available for purchase.

How to make money on Mobox?

Mining MBOX in mines can earn players passive income, as long as they have enough characters. The amount of money that you can earn depends on the character, and it usually takes a long time to accumulate enough. You can also sell any Momo that you have purchased, and the price that you choose will be displayed in the store.

A commission of 5% is charged for every transaction that you make, and detailed statistics are displayed in the store. In addition to this, you can also earn money from other games, as well as through the affiliate program. There is a link in the profile that will allow you to get referrals, and complete tasks and achievements in the store.

Getting rich quickly is not as easy as it sounds, as it requires a lot of work and discipline. However, with a starting capital of around $50-150, you can start making a lot of money much faster.

Mobile app Mobox

The main menu is divided into two sections, and the first one shows the games that are currently in development. In the second section, you can see the projects that are related to Token Master.

Mobox is compatible with all types of devices, including Android and iOS. The developers have created a very user-friendly app that is designed for both mobile and browser users. To install an application, go to the app's page and click the button next to the profile. You can also search for other apps by entering a QR code.

Token Master on Mobox

The main game of Mobox is designed to allow players to enter it through the wallet. In order to earn coins, they can use various methods, such as mining. Each player has three Momo, and they can earn a prize if they collect more than other players. To make it easier for users, the interface has been designed with numbers.

1. The goal of the game is to collect as many coins as possible in order to win a prize. A leaderboard is displayed in the game, which shows the various achievements that have been achieved by players.

2. The balance that you can make with the game is also determined by the course of the coin. At the top of the page, you can see the current value of the currency.

3. This is your ID, you can change it by clicking on the edit button. This is where the avatar changes.

4. A list of tasks for which books are given, collect them to level up characters.

5. Internal mail, messages with bonuses come through it, they can be collected with one button

6. Some Momos can be placed on loot, but those given as a welcome gift are not suitable for this.

7. Watch the most competitive battles of other players in the game. Also, start playing the game's free spin game and collect coins. You can win up to 10 million domestic or MBOX coins.

8. The next step is to open a window, which shows the most powerful Momo in the game. This is the important step to becoming a successful player in Token Master.

9. A button to search for opponents, you can conduct battles and, if you win, earn coins.

Due to the nature of the game, there are 20 daily battles that are allowed. These are very interesting moments, as the opponents are randomly selected. All that the player has to do is place heroes on the field in order to win.

The first battle of the game will not be easy for you, as the opponents are very powerful and will give you a hard time. In order to improve your own heroes, you will have to spend money on them instead of giving them books. Profit is immediately collected from all of your characters.

To get coins from your characters, you need to press the Claim button. There are various blocks at the bottom, and you can see the indicators of Momo, which will help you improve your farming. If there are books, you can click Update to see the status of these. In addition to improving your own heroes, you can also win battles.

The game is very fast paced, and only 20 daily battles are allowed. The bottom menu features a wheel of luck known as Mopoly, which is used to determine the winners of various races. Bets are accepted on numbers, and the drum starts to determine the winners.

You can also go to the Moboxer section to improve your team and participate in various battles. One of the most interesting features of the game is the game of Mopoly, which is very simple to play. Just place a bet and wait for an opponent to appear.

The offers are divided by the stakes, and only powerful fighters are allowed to participate in these. The last tab shows the leaders, and you need to break into the first few places in order to collect the prize. The three tabs are shown in the wheel of fortune, and the number of coins and the rating of the battles are used to select the best ones.

The competition in these draws is very serious, and it will be very hard for a beginner to break into the top 10. However, if everything goes according to plan, the winner will receive MBOX. Experienced players often spend their day sitting in the middle of the table and throwing coins at their opponents.

Mobox games for traders

There are also multiple ways to get MBOX through draws. In the Trade Action section, you can participate in three different games that require you to make predictions about the cryptocurrency market. These games do not require you to invest any money, and they provide a virtual balance that can be multiplied. You must first link a phone number in order to play.


The top 10 participants are chosen every 72 hours, and they are required to increase their virtual funds in order to collect an investment portfolio worth a million dollars. Only the 10 most successful individuals will receive prizes.

If you are not a fan of trading, then make arbitrary bets. Place some coins on the market and bet on the outcome of the game. The prizes will be awarded once the time has run out. The first few places will receive a token worth around 10 to 150.

Bull vs Bear

Another game that is similar to the one above requires participants to predict the outcome of the game and earn tokens. Users can also bet on the Bitcoin exchange rate. The goal of this game is to make forecasts for a short time.

The chart below shows the price action of the market and the direction it is headed. The indicator at the bottom shows the distance between the bears and the bulls, and it can also be used to monitor the course of the market. For a given day, you can only make 20 bets. However, with the greater the difference between the two, the more points you can collect.


If you are able to join the top 10, then you can increase your chances of winning by up to 150 MBOX. The winners of this game receive their tokens every 24 hours. The goal of this game is to make quick and profitable bets on the market. You can choose one of the options and if the chart shows a change in direction, you close the position. The chart is taken from the Binance exchange.

Since most professional traders make millions of virtual coins when the market moves sharply, they are able to reach the top 10. It is very difficult to join the top 10 in all games, but this is a great opportunity to improve your chances of winning. You only have to make a few attempts in order to collect the necessary number of points. The main thing that you must remember is to use the tools regularly.

How to top up Mobox?

To top up Mobox, go to the Binance exchange and download the MetaMask wallet. After you have bought BNB, transfer it to your wallet. In the next step, you will be able to transfer the coins to your internal account.

What NFT tokens are available in Mobox?

In Mobox, you can collect various fairy-tale characters. These are known as Momo, and they can be used to increase the cost of goods and sell them.

Is it necessary to invest in the game?

No, free MBOX can be obtained through the games or affiliate program.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount that you need to make is 50 MBOX. To resolve any issues, please contact the support team in the comments below. The site doesn't support Russian-language users, so we will try to help you.

Cryptocurrency Mobox (MBOX)

The developers of Mobox are planning on launching two more games, but they are already working on improving their platform. Due to the large amount of money that they have invested in the project, they are able to improve their functionality.

The developer token is priced at around 0.5 to 2 dollars per unit. The price of the project is currently $1.28, and it is stable. The experts believe that it will reach a mega popularity within the next couple of years. Despite the project's slow development, its audience continues to grow, and its market capitalization has already reached more than $40 million.


Mobox has a wide variety of games that are designed to provide traders with a great gaming experience. In addition to being a simulation, the platform also allows users to improve their skills. Right now is the best time to buy Momo. The price of the project will increase significantly due to the emergence of new features and the increasing number of users.