Joseba Elorza (a.k.a. MiraRuido) is a digital artist. As a freelance illustrator and animator, he has worked for publications like Esquire or WSJ and directed videos for clients like National Geographic, Amazon or bands like Green Day among others. He tries to make his creations go beyond being just a pretty picture; by creating impossible worlds and implausible situations, the purpose is to produce in the viewer feelings like uneasiness or disbelief.

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The pandemic affected everyone but not all people equally. Lockdowns confined those who only used to go home to sleep and those who hardly go out at all. For some, it barely changed their daily lives, but for others it turned theirs upside down. Some people discovered new hobbies that saved their day to day existence, some parents found out they had children, marriages broke up and others got stronger;

The casuistry is infinite and the consequences incalculable. What is certain, whether because of the pandemic or for any other reason, is that we are often forced to create new inner landscapes (metaphorical or literal); worlds where we can hide, create, escape or simply rest. Worlds where there is only room for us and not our circumstances. Welcome to "Inside Worlds", a series in which we visit these inner landscapes.

©miraruido, NFT,

It is not easy to achieve and happens very rarely, but occasionally your mind visits paradisiacal inner landscapes. The sound of the sea no longer lets you hear the noises of the street and your particular monsters are now seagulls flying against the coastal breeze. Not even your conscience can find you in this corner of turquoise water and white sand. You know that soon you will have to go out there and deal with your daily problems, but for an instant, nothing beyond the palm trees worries you. The sun is shining, the water is refreshing and there you are, lying on your board, waiting for the waves with the inner peace of those who know they don't need them to sail.

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