What is AtomicHub?

Atomichub is a blockchain-based marketplace that was created by a group of enthusiasts who are working on the WAX and Proton blockchains. It features a variety of tools and features, such as a dedicated trading area for non-fungible tokens. The platform is powered by the blockchain technology company, Eosio. It allows users to create and sell various digital images and music, and it also allows people to interact with each other. This review will talk about the features and capabilities of Atomichub.

Difference between WAX and EOS protocols

The WAX and EOS protocols have a lot in common, but the latter has several disadvantages: One of the main disadvantages of the DPoS consensus algorithm is that it makes it vulnerable to fraud. Although there are 21 participants on the blockchain, transactions are still verified by 21 others, which suggests that there might be a problem with the results.

One of the main reasons why the DPoS consensus algorithm is vulnerable is due to the amount of centralization. This is also caused by the single system implementation scheme. The atomichub platform is based on the WAX protocol, which was initially created as an ERC-20 token. Thousands of people use it to create and sell various types of tokens, which are typically sold for thousands of dollars. The advantages of the WAX protocol are its ability to protect the users from fraud and price fluctuations. It also allows the platform to grow into a huge market.

What wallets can be connected to the service.

To connect a WAX wallet to the atomichub platform, go to the website and click the Login button. In the upper right corner, you will see a window that will allow you to select the WAX Cloud wallet. After clicking the OK button, the function will be activated automatically. After completing the binding process, the users will be able to start working on the platform.

How to create your own NFT and collections

In the main menu of the atomichub platform, click the NFT Creator tab. There, you will see a page that will allow you to create a new collection. You must first fill in the data required for the new one. To perform this process, you need to have a random access memory (RAM). After the first authorization, the 5.37 version of the atomichub software is available to users. However, this may not be enough to start using the feature.

Fields marked with a red star are required fields:

  1. The new collection's name should be written in letters and numbers that are between 1 and 5 characters long. It can also have up to 12 characters.
  2. Display name. Come up with a name for NFT tokens that will be displayed on the trading platform.
  3. You can also specify the amount that will be charged to the users for each sale of the collection. This parameter is usually 5%.

You can also add a description about the collection to the atomichub platform. You can also add a link to your website or account on the service that you want to use. You can also upload a photo of the collection. It's recommended to use a transparent background to enhance the appearance of the collection.

On the creation page, you can add multiple users to the collection. They can then create NFT collaborations by clicking the Show Advanced Details button. The list of collaborators can be shown in the window that opens after clicking the Show Advanced Details button. You can also notify the users about the collaborations by sending notifications.

After creating the collection, you can click the Create New schema button to add a schema for the NFT token. This will allow the buyers to easily find the various attributes and names of the tokens in the collection. You can also customize the attributes of the collection by clicking the Add New Attribute button. This parameter can be used to add a unique name or token type.

In order to trade NFT tokens, you must first create an asset. After clicking the Create Template button, you will see a window that will allow you to create a template for the exchange. All of the attributes of the template will automatically be registered and added to the database. In the Asset Owner column, it should be indicated that the account that will be used to send the NFTs has a login.

The Translations field will be used to record the number of copies of the new tokens that have been created. After clicking the Create Asset button, the new tokens will be displayed in the inventory of the users.

How to sell and buy NFTs

After you have created and assigned the necessary attributes to the new NFT tokens, you can start selling them on the atomichub platform. To do so, go to the inventory and click the name of your account that you want to sell. A window will appear that will allow you to select the desired token.

  • Token cost (should choose WAX/USD WAX due to price fluctuations).
  • A sale option, such as an auction.
  • If you are creating an auction item, enter the starting price and number of days.

After clicking on Confirm, the token will be placed on the marketplace or auction

Service commissions

A commission is charged to a player when a transaction takes place on the atomichub platform. It usually represents a percentage of the total amount that was received. The marketplace charges a 2% commission on the total amount that was sold, and it is deducted automatically when the buyer makes a purchase. Although the size of the commission on atomichub is relatively small, it can still be paid off with regular drops.

How to bypass captcha when buying and selling

To avoid captcha, some players resort to using special software that can be used on other services, such as the atomichub marketplace. For instance, Headless Chrome can be used to bypass captcha on various services, such as 2Captcha and puppeteer. In most cases, these services are used by bots that are part of the atomichub community.

Due to the presence of captcha, special programs can temporarily stop working on the atomichub platform. However, with the activation of atomichub bots and captcha programs, it's very convenient to use the services of the marketplace.

How to make money on Atomichub

One of the easiest ways to earn money on the atomichub platform is by purchasing resources such as RAM. This will allow you to create and trade new NFT tokens. The second most popular way to earn money on the platform is by selling atomichub assets.

  1. Create your own collections.
  2. Their sale or exchange with other participants.
  3. Using the received resources to regenerate tokens. For the sale of tokens, one way or another, you will go “in plus”. The amount of income will depend on several factors:
  • market value of similar cards;
  • the amount of RAM and CPU on the account;
  • product attractiveness.

Some customers of atomichub use their accounts and collections to give away free giveaways. This is a great way to earn money, as it allows you to promote your channels and accounts on other platforms. For instance, you can earn money by advertising on YouTube.

Another way to earn money is by regularly participating in drops. This method requires you to regularly collect distributed tokens and sell them on the atomichub marketplace. If your account is added to the Whitelist, you will be able to take advantage of private distributions.

Security and resistance of the project to hacks

The developers of atomichub took the necessary steps to ensure that the privacy of its customers' data was protected. During the development of the project, they were able to provide the possibility of hacking the system. The continuous operation of the atomichub marketplace demonstrates that it is not vulnerable to distributed denial of service attacks. Users' funds are stored in secure wallets.

Future of Project

Although the plans of the developers of atomichub are not yet known, it is widely expected that the project will continue to develop. Due to the wide variety of features offered by the platform, it is very advantageous for customers to create and trade collections of NFC tokens. One of the main advantages of this system is that it allows users to easily convert their cards into currency.

The unique content that appears on the atomichub marketplace, such as branded cards from Reebok, is expected to increase the demand for these products. This will also stimulate the market. Every year, the project's developers provide more opportunities to earn money.

Atomichub is a unique resource that is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning more about the cryptocurrency industry. Unlike other projects, it does not require a lot of knowledge about blockchain technology to use its services. All the details of the atomichub assets are created by its users.