Marinel Sheu is an Illustrator currently based in Dublin, Ireland.  Marinel is known for his signature sunflower artworks or the cinematic evening sunset, you cannot help but notice his colour palette and details that make every artwork special.

Through his work, Marinel’s Art tells a story or captures a moment in a very introspective way. His art evokes a melancholy, nostalgic feel and speaks in a universal language which most people can understand or relate.

©Marinel Sheu, NFT,

A message from Felly: The Lagoon 1.0 is a visual representation of my backyard studio where I do most of my work out of. It’s an ever changing space that has influenced the creatives who have stepped foot in here and the sounds that have been made. In the past four years of being here I’ve crafted the albums Surf Trap, Mariposa, and Young Fel 2. I remember a good friend telling me “You make the room and the room makes you,” and I took that to heart in curating the vibe of this space. The music you hear is an instrumental I made called “Stuck in a Vacuum”.

So much of the creative process involves searching, listening, waiting, hoping. Teaming up with Marinel on the visual side, we worked to capture this feeling of facing the unknown head on, with open arms for all that it may bring.

This NFT represents the beginning of all that is to come from this room, and in the lives of Marinel and myself. An early thanks to all those who have supported our art and explorations. The owner will receive early demos of what is being crafted from this room in real time & a print of the artwork, upon request as well as direct contact to Fel & Marinel. Music.

©Marinel Sheu, NFT,

'Lonely Girl' is one of my most popular artworks & I made this when I was involved in some big projects in the the Lo-Fi scene. When I created this piece I was going through some stuff & I was such a workaholic because sometimes in the crazy Irish weather there's not much to do except work. This piece defines a lot of solitude & it plays a huge part on changing my life.

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