Marco Zagara is a creative Visual Artist and Graphic Designer based in Italy, where he continues to grow and evolve a visual portfolio that covers CGI graphics, 2D photo manipulation, and illustration. His work is characterized by a strong visual impact thanks to vibrant colors, interesting points of view, and oniric environments, in which he blends together a strong focus on visual storytelling with a keen use of color and depth to create surreal compositions. Partnering with clients and brands around the globe to solve problems using creative and inspiring solutions, he's continually looking for new challenges and likes to collaborate with people, teams, and companies that are as passionate about what they do as he is.

With the "Other Worlds" collection, Marco Zagara depicts three different realities that belong to three alternative futures. Whether technological progress will lead us to the evolution of our species, or to the regression to a primordial way of life, or even to abandon our planet to look elsewhere for a place to call home, the human presence will always remain the link between these worlds, without which they couldn't exist.

©Marco Zagara, NFT,

This collection features a special edition NFT givaway. Collect all 3 pieces from this drop to be awarded an additional NFT from the artist!

©Marco Zagara, NFT,

CITADEL. So close, yet so far. Suspension of desire for an enduringly ephemeral necessity. Loss of certainty, a new path of self-discovery.

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