Luna Ikuta is a multidisciplinary artist, and her practice combines sculpture, installations and digital media. Her experimental process results in creating ghostly underwater landscapes of transparent flora, capturing surreal imagery of our natural world. Ikuta was born in Tokyo, Japan, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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Ethereal bouquet of transparent and white Narcissi. This artwork was featured on Vogue Singapore's 2022 Jan/Feb digital cover as a part of Ikuta's calendar collection, "12 Months of Afterlife". With the purchase of each NFT, collectors will also receive a physical signed copy of the Vogue Singapore x Luna Ikuta calendar.

Transparent Garden of Wisterias, Viburnums, Japanese Wireweed, Oxalis, Vivipara, Vallisneria Torta, Bolbitis Heteroclita. This piece is presented in SuperRare Exhibition "Unrealism: bridging the digital and physical realms.

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