Lili Tae is an illustrator based in Bangkok, Thailand. Drawing inspiration from her subconscious mind, she transfers her experiences through mellow strokes and soothing yet vibrant colours.

Drawing inspiration from a meditative state, each piece draws from the objects and surroundings of a Japanese garden. The use of vibrant colors injects life and energy into each peaceful yet detailed composition to create works that resemble hypnagogic hallucinations for the viewer to ponder about.

An ongoing collection of illustrations inspired by the world and stories around me. I keep a sketchbook for quick ideas, thoughts, and doodles. Some sketches come from conversations, some from what's happening, some from my dreams. A lot of them are quite odd, but all of them are interesting. I have decided to bring them more to life with this collection.⁣⁣

©Lili Tae, NFT,

It's a hot Sunday afternoon and the air is drowned out by the sound of a million wind-up toys. There are so many things you could do, so many places you could go, but the weight of your thoughts hold you down. If only you could light it all up into flames and float away like a hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Collection

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