What is the NFT of "lazy lions"?

The Lazy Lions NFT collection consists of 10,000 random NFTs that have various characteristics such as hair, facial expressions, clothing, and eyes. It is currently ranked as one of the largest NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to its popularity among enthusiasts, the collection has already joined the ranks of other notable NFT collections such as Bored Lion Club and CryptoPunks.

The first sale of the project generated around $1.5 million. It was the most valuable NFT of the collection, which sold for $50,000. The goal of the project is to empower people to enter the NFT space.

The team's efforts are also reflected in the various events that they organize to help the community. On October 11, 2021, the most expensive "lazy lion" NFT was sold for almost $355,000. The project operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and users can create a secure community for the exchange of digital files. One of the most desirable features of the collection is the exclusive group of rare tokens, which are currently worth over $50,000.

The team's efforts are also reflected in the various events that they organize to help the community. In addition, the project has gained a significant following on Twitter, with over 90 million views in just a week. The Lazy Lions team's goal is to continue developing the project's online community.

The team has also partnered with various prominent organizations in the cryptocurrency space, such as Chainlink and Coinbase. These organizations have helped boost the value of the rare tokens of the collection.

Lazy Lions NFT price and statistics

The total amount of money that was raised during the sale of the project was almost $9.44 million. Many of its supporters and holders believe that the NFT has a community for kings. The 10,000 unique "lazy lions" that make up the collection are produced using a variety of features on the Ethereum blockchain. Due to their unique characteristics, the NFT is currently considered to be a unique asset.

The developers of the project have also revealed that the Lazy Lions Private Island, which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, is a high-security location that's only accessible to the project's VIP members. Each lion that's produced has over 160 possible traits.

Lazy Lions NFT stats:

Minimum price: 1.45 ETH
Total volume: 25,800 ETH
Highest sale: $350,000
Owners: 5000
Collection size: 10,000 unique tokens
Discord: 146,200 members

The average selling price of the "lazy lions" increased following the project's launch. Due to the addition of various prominent individuals, such as rapper Ja Rule and YouTube celebrity Jake Paul, the average selling price of the collection increased significantly.

The minimum price of the project reached 3.67 ETH on October 1, 2021. Since then, the price of the NFT has been decreasing as it entered the bear market. However, since January, the price floor has started to recover and currently stands at 1.00 ETH.

How to buy and sell Lazy Lions NFT?

Since OpenSea is the largest marketplace for NFTs, users can save money by trading on other markets, such as Rarible and LookedRare. To connect to the different marketplaces, you'll need to use a secure digital wallet, such as MetaMask. Сollection Features

  1. Roarwards program
    The project's popular rewards program, known as the Roarwards, is one of the reasons why the number of people who own the "lazy lions" has increased since its inception. Every month, the team of the project will hold a contest that will give away prizes. To join the program, you'll need to connect your Ethereum wallet to Twitter or Discord. The team decided to use a community marketing approach instead of relying on celebrities and influencers to promote the project. This method has been very successful, as it has attracted a lot of positive feedback.

2. Bungalow by Lazy Lions
In September 2021, the team launched the app known as the Bungalow, which allows users to display their digital assets, such as the "lazy lions" and NFTs, on a private island. Through the app, users can also use their Twitter account to promote their assets. Since the app was only created through random means, a total of 9600 unique bungalows were generated. The team's continuous innovation and dedication to the project have shown through the development of the app.

3. Lazy Lions Collectibles
The team decided to create a new collection, which was called the Lazy Lions Collectibles, after the success of the NFT. Unlike the previous collection, the new one did not require users to pay for its products. Instead, it was distributed based on the community's participation.

4. A private island in a sandbox metaverse
The team then invested in The Sandbox LAND, a virtual world in the metaverse, to create a private island for its members. This island will later be used to explore the various features of the project in Web3.

Future of Lazy Lions

The team's continuous success has attracted a large number of people to the project. Since the release of the new collection, the number of people who own the "lazy lions" has increased. The team also noted that the project's Play-to-Earn games could potentially become a source of income for the team. To ensure that these games are useful, the developers have decided to only release an Ethereum-based token if their usefulness is proven.

The popularity of the Lazy Lions collection has led to it being one of the most profitable projects in the NFT space. Due to its solid track record and the community's dedication, it is considered a perfect PFP asset for anyone who is looking to add to their collection. The team is also credited with the development of CryptoPunks, which is one of the first projects to introduce the concept of NFT.

Due to the increasing number of social media platforms that support the use of NFT, such as Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook, the number of sales of the "lazy lions" is expected to continue growing. This development shows that the project's popularity will continue to grow. After the metaverse's development ends, the virtual world where people can display their NFTs will also become a popular place for them.