Kristy paints various colorful landscapes, often with some fantasy elements. Her art is uplifting and adventurous, she tries to incorporate stories and creative writing with projects, to build imaginary worlds.

©Kristy Glas, NFT,

The forest was beautifully tranquil and the air was lightly scented with lush greenery and unknown flowers. The hero had been following the forest path for days and she had finally reached the gates. On its sides she saw remains of ancient walls of a temple or it might have been a palace. The walls were covered in intricate carvings imbued with foreign protection spells and many symbols lot to time. The magic eye embroidery on her cloak was her guide which let her see beyond what was visible to the naked eye.

It was her traveling companion, always by her side, her protection, her comfort. The hero slowly walked up the ascending stairs to the Tree of Life. Its glow was so strong she had to often avert her eyes from the blazing light. From closer she could see this tree was actually a trio, that grew and was fully interconnected as one, imbued with power to change fate.

Adventure Series is about discovery, persistence and personal growth. The observer is welcome to draw their own interpretation in this journey.

©Kristy Glas, NFT,

Blue lights flickered underwater, dangerously alluring. Those sparks opened tiny rifts, seeping volatile magic into the dark waters. Hero rowed the boat cautiously, mindful of each splash of the oars through the electric waters. Her anxious trepidation turned into excitement, as she finally reached the grand gateway.

She noticed a movement in her peripheral vision, but when she turned around everything was still. She took the moment to rest and marvel at the intricate carvings on the walls around her. These appeared to confirm some legends she had heard of this ancient civilization. They had believed that the magic was brought down from the skies by the giant Crows. Moreover, they had known the art of controlling electricity in unimaginable ways.

The Crows were also believed to be messengers that could contact anyone even from the beyond. The hero was looking for a way to communicate with someone she had lost touch with long ago and she knew this place was her best chance. She continued her way into the bright narrow passage and the lights grew ever brighter, leading the way.

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