Killer Acid is the work of artist Rob Corradetti. Located in Santa Cruz, CA.  the brand specializes in screen prints, T-shirts, and a myriad of mysterious, humorous, and highly-detailed psychedelic ephemera.‌‌Originally launched in 2010, the style is a blend of head shop and punk rock, hearkening back to the artist’s tumultuous and technicolor coming-of-age in New York City.

Corradetti’s cartoon psychedelia drips with his signature tongue-in-cheek humor. Random, bright, and bizarre, the work draws the viewer in. Upon closer inspection, though, one finds the headscapes and doodles are interwoven with personal meanings and artifacts of memories.

Killer Acid has collaborated with many brands through the years, including Santa Cruz Skateboards, High Times, Polaroid, Adult Swim, Zumiez, and VICE. Their work has been featured in Chelsea art galleries to malls across America.‌

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