Kaiwan Shaban, Born and raised in the city of Akre in the Kurdistan region, is a 23 years old visual artist, and internationally published photographer and filmmaker.

He started off as a digital artist then took on photography and garnered much success. When the pandemic hit, he decided to take advantage of it and unlock new creative ventures by going back to his roots. He taught himself 3D art and utilized his background in cinema to create unique artwork. His recent creations represent an amalgamation of digital art and cinematography that conveys the best of both worlds allowing him to translate his imaginative ideas into this distinctive form of creative self-expression.

Throughout his career, Kaiwan has worked with a number of high-end clients including Apple, Mercedes, Sony Music, Skillshare, Oppo, Cyrpto.com & many more

Kaiwan does not only produce still content but he has also ventured into the world of videography and filmmaking. His passion led him to travel to several countries to explore his style and art even further and experience new places and cultures. His unique artistic work is derived from his motivation to capture the beauty of nature and by the art of photography itself including all the inspiring creatives in the field.

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Dear Future Me, It’s crazy how one wrong turn can set you off on unexpected tangents in the middle of nowhere. Somehow, I think it’s all meant to be and it would have all led to this destination. I’m putting my trust in us and taking a long step out. I hope you hit the right roads and opened the right doors.

©Kaiwan Shaban, NFT, https://superrare.com/kaiwan

He spent his whole life looking for answers, thinking the next answer would be the end of it. With each step, it got darker till he gave up all hope. Only then did he realize that sometimes you have to create your own light to reach the end of the tunnel.

©Kaiwan Shaban, NFT, https://superrare.com/kaiwan

And there I was going through another night when it struck me. I have become buried in broken dreams and let the darkness gradually isolate me from life. Keeping the pain inside for too long felt lonely but also warm, insecure yet safe. But tonight for a few tangent moments it all weirdly made sense. I had to hit rock bottom to finally get the clarity I was seeking.

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