Visual Artist and Art Director Josh Pierce has quickly become a leader in the emerging digital art and NFT space. Pierce focuses on surreal and natural themes, evoking a sense of awe and spiritual calm with his sublime use of color and composition. His primary motif juxtaposes natural environments with abstract energy forms to suggest the presence of the beyond in the here and now.

Inspired by the highly personal experience of spiritual growth, his work explores the motifs of presence, divine connection, nature, and mindfulness. Drawing on influences of landscape painting, surrealism and minimalism, his intention for each piece is to draw one's awareness to the sacred stillness of the present moment.

©jpierce, NFT,

At the height of summer, in a forest teeming with life I pause and look. In that moment, in that stillness, the mind silent, with time standing still, I experience the word passed down from the ages. “Nirvana” is about this experience. The momentary oneness with all life felt in times of meditation and deep connection with nature. I chose to use a vibrantly alive tropical forest to evoke the warmth and activity of high summer.

The unknowable is represented as light or energy, and this light is the meaning behind the celebration of the solstice. Created for the 0x Society’s Solstice Exhibition.

©jpierce, NFT,

As we move through life we are continuously transforming, changing and dissolving. While nothing on the surface is permanent, true peace is deep and eternal.

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