In the past year, freelance illustrator and concept artist Jocelin Carmes has been a real hit on Instagram. While he uses light and proportion in a realistic way, the elements and colors that come into play are a product of his vivid imagination. His intention here was to convey the magical, aspirational aspect of space exploration as, for example, from a child’s perspective. His projects always include an initial research phase. It ensures that the work he's commissioned to do is more precise.

"The characters mostly help me to portray scale and proportion. I really like the sense of nostalgia that a lone character in an illustration emanates, such as the astrophotographer in this piece".

"I visualize the scene, in particular when I’m doing research on the subject, prior to working on the illustration. I want people who look at my work to imagine themselves in the setting. A lot of my inspiration comes from the cinema, from photography, and from other artists"

©Jocelin carmes, NFT,

"What da hell boi" The migration of the giant whales takes place every year, this year they are ahead of schedule.

"The conductor". Two pieces of my horror blue serie. Digitally painted by Jocelin Carmes.

©Jocelin carmes, NFT,

"Take a break" No matter what you decide to do, take a moment to sit back and relax.

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