Jason Ebeyer is a 3D artist who known for his gleaming figures and sensual style of arts.

Mixed elements of fantasy and eroticsm with surreal figures, apparently plucked from the dreams of the digital generation.

Ebeyer’s work has been exhibited in galleries and published in the whole world and attracting an impressive client list.

©Jason Ebeyer, NFT, https://superrare.com/jasonebeyer

He prodeced arts for the Madonna, Troye Sivan, and Doja Cat and remarkable collaborations with Steven Klein, Tom of Finland and Vogue Italia.

©Jason Ebeyer, NFT, https://superrare.com/jasonebeyer

Represented by Los Angeles established creative agency H+Creative, Ebeyer is currently based in Melbourne where he produces work for both personal endeavors and noteworhy clients.

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