He is a Planetary Science Video Producer and Animator at NASA. He produces visualizations about all of NASA's planetary missions, including: MAVEN, OSIRIS-REx, Lucy, Artemis, Dragonfly, and many more.a Planetary Science Video. Also, his mission is to explain complex scientific discoveries to the public through film and animation.

His films, including documentaries, music videos, dramas, and animations, have been selected by international film festivals for screenings and awards. Some of these include a screening at the White House to meet President Obama, screening at the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater, winning a Student Emmy, PBS screenings, and receiving YoungArts recognition.

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James studied Geosciences with minors in French and Environmental Studies at Princeton University. During all time at Princeton, he acted in a French theater group (L'Avant-Scene), led the Princeton Film Productions group, played club baseball, and traveled to Morocco, France, and Spain to conduct geophysical research.

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This piece was inspired by the night I rode a camel deep into the Sahara Desert in Morocco with a geophysics research team. We were tracing mass extinction events in the rock record throughout Morocco and took a detour into the Sahara. I grew up in Philadelphia and have really never been able to see the night sky due to intense light pollution. As I drifted off to sleep under the stars, I saw a view that I will never forget - it was as if I was falling into the cosmos above. I often think back on that night, and remember the cool breeze drifting over the desert. With this render, I sought to capture that feeling of observing the endless desert. A lone pool sits in the center of the frame while the Moon slowly drifts above the horizon.

©James Tralie, NFT, https://superrare.com/jamesfilms

Float down this lazy river and relax. This is part of an ongoing series I've been developing called "The Great Indoors" where I bring the outdoors inside. This series is designed to provide a visual escape and a moment of calm for the viewer.

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